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Modern, mobile working with a digital platform for contract management, document management, business process management and compliance management?

Have you also often thought about it, but don't know exactly how YOU should proceed, what YOU need to know and consider?

A digital platform for mobile and flexible working takes on a very central importance in today's world. It is closely linked to the social change towards "Industry 4.0" and the concept of "smartWork 4.0".

Only with a digital, web-based platform solution can smart, agile working be successfully implemented in companies across departments and locations.

✓ web-based ✓ 100% Software as a Service (SaaS)
✓ easy to use ✓ cloud capable



Trend reports on digitization!

How diverse can digitization be? Compliance projects, blockchain, digitalization meets emotionalization, chatbots & AI, the digital twin in industry and many other topics are looking forward to being discovered by YOU.

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TQG businessApp platform®: This is what's in it for YOU!

The digital platform TQG businessApp platform® consists of various businessApp levels
and an App level. For both areas there is a detailed authorization and user management.

What does the word TQG businessApp platform® mean?

business stands for the digitalization of departments, organizational processes and administration.
App means to use configurable building blocks simply & smart digitally.
platform means cross-departmental information and knowledge management.

What does it mean exactly?

business apps are a group of apps that can be easily configured for users. They are clearly designed and enable efficient work.
Examples: businessApp Legal Management, businessApp Compliance, businessApp Purchase, etc.

Apps in this context mean business solutions for common topics and tasks.
Examples: Trademark files, contract creation, workflow/processes, etc.

Würfel Pfeil zur Darstellung der digitalen Plattform
businessApp Kacheln

smart BusinessApps
configurable user interface (responsive design)

digitale Plattform Kamera Icon

Distribution of regular tasks, reports etc. to roles or users

smartWork Würfel

Individual and configurable apps/components

digitale Plattform Vertragsdokument mit Schloss

Storage and management of all information according to GoBD (encrypted, signed, confidential, etc.)

digitale Plattform Lupe als Suchfunktion

fast, efficient "artificial intelligence" searches possible

digitale Plattform Prozess Schaubild

smart BusinessManager
Template/workflow management for cross-departmental organizational rules and processes

In which goals does the TQG businessApp platform® support users and organizations?

The TQG businessApp platform® helps YOUR organization to become digital. It creates a transparent management of YOUR information and documents. Dates and deadlines can be met more easily with the help of digital business processes. The platform supports users in the area of compliance and audit security in corporate processes. Company data is protected from unauthorized internal/external access. Intuitive, subject-specific apps increase YOUR business efficiency and agility. The system is easy to integrate, through standards and technical apps.

Laptop - explainer video digital platform

What benefits does the TQG businessApp platform® deliver?

Clear, role-based and intuitive working becomes possible. Collaboration becomes possible across departments and companies. Processes become standards and can be automated. The use of the system is web-based and therefore easy to integrate into a company. The introduction of the system can be modular and phase-oriented.

What is YOUR benefit?

  • The TQG businessApp platform® grows with YOUR requirements
  • The investment in the system can be made step by step.
  • A smart, agile, modern user interface consisting of individually configurable business Apps
digital platform - clean desk

Clean Desk

  1. Important things are separated from unimportant things and
    documents are filled away
  2. A fixed filing location must be available for recurring
    processes / files
  3. Clean desk & digital platform = more efficiency
    and more effective searching
  4. Data protection compliant work

Direct line to your contact person

smartWork - smartLCM

  • Flexible, time and location-independent collaboration with colleagues, superiors and business partners
  • Support of the employee in every work step with the relevant information (status, docs, knowledge)
  • Automated business processes


  • Combining information sources (filing cabinets, e-mail inboxes, knowledge in employees' heads) in one place - a classification system as a central instance
  • Holistic information management: integration of data, documents and processes

Success factors

  • Organizational consulting with results - OPH (Organization and Process Handbook)
  • User acceptance - usability & interface design



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In our webinar, we will show you how easy it can be to start working digitally with the TQG businessApp platform®: cross-departmental, company-wide, compliance-compliant, with transparent processes and contracts - smart and user-friendly!

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