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Network Lifecycle

Visions and networks that connect

Our claim is the connection of your business goals with our innovative solutions in the area of network planning, documentation and optimization as well as for Network Lifecycle Management.

Flexible organization structures and business processes require a large amount of purposeful IT-solutions. Solutions which on the other hand must be integrated into existing application environments and which have to optimize the daily business processes.

The Quality Group understands your needs. On the basis of this understanding we cover a large spectrum of services. The focus is on telecommunication. Our Know-How covers technologies as well as organizations, business processes and research to be able to offer solutions and consulting which are beyond state-of-the-art.

Your visions together with our know-how will bring success for both sides!

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Our solution: NETsite and NETx

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NETsite is the leading information management system for the improvement of critical business processes for network lifecycle management in the telecommunications industry and at government agencies and security organizations.

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The NETx family offers you, as operator of telecommunication networks, a broad range of application on modular basis. It guarantees an optimized support of different workflows in your company.

NETsite for Fixed Network Operators

Continuously increasing demands on bandwidth require not only new transmission procedures, but also an adjustment of the network structure and with it, the issues of FTTx or fiber optics are becoming more important for the carriers. Two dominant access technologies will continue to be available. In the past, these were copper and glass; in the future they will be glass and coaxial cable.

The access network is one of the decisive factors for the provision of services in the public or private telecommunications networks, in order to fulfil increasing demands quickly and inexpensively.

Networks will have to be adjusted, re-organized and migrated to new standards through continuous integration of more modern and developed services. The decision for and the implementation of these FFTx architectures is the decisive issue for the carrier. The architecture is first distinguished by how long the fiber optics must be to reach the customer. Whereas Deutsche Telekom goes up to the distribution cabinet with their VDSL project (FTTC, Curb), several other providers are already going into the building (FTTB, Building).

Depending upon the selected network strategy and its implementation, for the dismantling and restructuring issues, market and economic decisions take centre stage for the carriers, such as:

  • Investment costs (excavation, active and passive equipment costs)
  • Ongoing operational costs
  • Reliability and interoperability of the selected solution and
  • The achievable bandwidth for the end customer, which must be taken into consideration because that helps to determine the future market success of the business model.

In this, the continuation of existing, profitable services is a key factor for each network operator in addition to the quick insertion of the latest services, in order to remain profitable, in a sustainable manner.

NETsite for Mobile Network Operators

Even now, cellular phone companies are presented with the challenge of implementing efficient data storage systems and the data management connected with them, as well as their analysis and evaluation for the associated sites and network information and project and technology data.

The continuing optimization of both the flexibility of the network for further market and security demands and the cost effectiveness of the existing infrastructure is the goal.

Status quo at the cellular phones providers:

  • Site information and project and technology data are currently kept overly redundantly, in Excel and Access databases, for example.
  • Data cannot be compared automatically; only manual maintenance of the data is possible
  • Validity and deadlines are not automatically checked
  • Databases are diverging, which means inconsistent contents and structures
  • Comprehensive evaluations are based on inconsistent databases

Various requirements and challenges of the digital trunked radio networks require optimized management of the necessary processes, such as planning, setup, operation, service and management. With our solutions and services, we scale the solution to the business requirements of our customers, in order to achieve ideal cost/benefit optimization of the network lifecycle management.

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The NETsite solution covers all of the essential data and processes for setup, expansion, operation and dismantling of cellular networks. The NETsite product line fulfils all of the tasks, from planning the marketing, to the expansion of the network and its extension, network design and capacity, implementation, operation, maintenance and repairs and the continuing optimization of the network itself.

In comparison with other systems, the NETsite solution provides the ability to analyze the entire NETsite metadata model flexibly using business intelligence utilities, such as SAP Business Objects and to make ad-hoc reports available to a defined group of users.

All of the data that is maintained in the database in connection with a site, project or their contracts and risks, and much more, can be depicted as desired in reports. There is no limit for the reporting system and the analysis of data and risks, and thus, you have the ability to analyze all of the data for an integrated network information and management system flexibly.

The functionality is a unique characteristic of NETsite and gives the user the maximum capability to analyze and evaluate the data.

NETsite for GASO

The largest technological modernization plans for the introduction of digital radiometry are now being setup in many European countries, such as Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway and Portugal.

Even now, Germany is in the implementation phase. The introduction of digital radio (TETRA Network) is used for all government agencies and security organizations (GASO). TETRA radio was especially developed for the special requirements of the GASO. No other cellular standard, such as GSM or UMTS, exhibits a comparable performance relationship for the point-to-multipoint communications or, to an extent, data transmission.

In Switzerland, the POLYCOM (TETRAPOL network for voice and data transmission) digital trunked radio network is being built as a national radio system for government agencies and rescue and safety organizations (RSO). POLYCOM is not an exclusive government network. The network will be setup over several years in steps through the realization of sub-networks. The cantons are independently creating the sub-networks according to their needs, while bearing the governmental guidelines in mind.

Even in Germany, the NETsite technology is already being used for the setup, operation, maintenance and usage and support of network components and sites.

The NETsite product line provides valuable support during the setup and operation of a digital radio network during the following phases:

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  • Project planning (project management database for planning and operation)
  • Project management (terms, costs and performance management)
  • Installation
  • Site documentation (network components, air conditioning systems and much more)
  • Administration (contract management, cost supervision)
  • Operation (maintenance plans, maintenance logs, difficulty reports)
  • Deadline supervision
  • Status reports


As an operator of telecommunication networks, the NETx family offers you a broad range of applications on a modular basis. It guarantees an optimized support for different workflows in your company.

The graphical user interface NETx Design displays data schematically or geographically. The intuitive approach eases the usability especially for complex tasks like for instance connection routing.

The NETx family supports the planning and documentation of fix networks like core networks, access networks, transmission networks and mobile radio networks on the basis of all established transmission technologies like for instance IP, Ethernet, MPLS, SDH as well Point-to-Multipoint and Multipoint-to-Multipoint technologies for fixed networks and mobile technologies from 2G to 5G.

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The concept of the NETx family bases on a set of modules which provide different functionality. The broad variety of combinations of the single modules leads to powerful applications which can be aligned individually and efficiently to the business processes by extensions like for instance process control and network optimization.

The NETx family grows constantly to fit to the permanent growing demands of our customers and to new technologies.

The Quality Group it vision GmbH does research together with universitary partners in technologies, like for instance SDN, NFV and MEC to support the optimal migration to networks of the next generation.


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