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Knowledge Management Software

Secure and expand your knowledge base with a knowledge platform

Data is the cornerstone of all information. Only when data is completely structured in a meaningful context with other data can information with a meaning and purpose emerge. Knowledge, on the other hand, is only created by linking ordered information in the context of action with experience and one's own skills in order to be able to draw conclusions, carry out actions in a targeted manner and interact with other participants.

Knowledge - a production factor of increasing importance

Demographic change means that a disproportionate number of people will leave the labor market in the next 10 years due to age. Preserving, sharing and protecting knowledge in an appropriate form is the order of the day. It is therefore not surprising that, in addition to the classic production factors of labor, capital and land, knowledge is becoming increasingly important as a further production factor.

By implementing a structured information and knowledge management platform, you create the basis for preserving the valuable knowledge and know-how of your employees and organization.

Data is collected in a user-friendly, workflow-supported structured manner in the context of action, bundled and linked to information for a specific purpose.

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Concept and elements of a modern knowledge management platform

smartLCM knowledge management: audit-proof - configurable - modelable




The TQG businessApp platform®

The TQG businessApp platform ® supports as a leading German standardized solution an audit-proof and structured information and knowledge management in organizations for any objects in their life cycle such as contracts, files, processes, contributions, cases, applications or notices. Special features of the configurable platform are, on the one hand, the structuring, bundling and linking of responsibility and data to information for a specific purpose and, on the other hand, the support of employee interaction by embedding the information in the context of action through freely definable business processes.

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