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Corporate Housekeeping

Digital platform for the management of your corporate investments

Do you have an overview of all your investments? Is your capital base correct? Do you have an overview of which strategic core business areas YOU should strengthen as a company? Which investments are unsuitable? How can the risk capital be reduced? Is the investment a risk or is it safe?

It's definitely not always easy to keep track in this area.

How about a digital platform that can answer all these questions about corporate housekeeping quickly and clearly?
A platform that can quickly and easily generate evaluations on investment structures, EAV contracts and change of control clauses and combine them with clear graphics...
Why? This way you have a maximum transparent overview of the contract network of the managed companies at any time.

Do these topics sound familiar to YOU? Then we can support and advise YOU.
The Goal: Let us develop your personal digital investment management 4.0. together.

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Corporate Housekeeping 4.0 with the LCM Company File: How it works!

With the smartLCM company file, the capital, shareholdings, committees and all associated contracts and documents, including threshold values, conditions and deadlines, as well as the associated process workflows, can be easily and clearly managed for each company. They can be summarized and evaluated via standard as well as individual reports.

Documents can be versioned, documents can be compared with each other, and there are processes that facilitate document creation. The system can map workflows of several documents and can process them in an audit-proof and structured way.

Contracts can be stored in a structured way that is easy to evaluate and find. This also applies to deadlines, conditions and dependencies of any kind.

What types of documents can be filed in the company file?

  • Joint Venture Contracts
  • Profit and loss transfer agreements
  • Domination agreement
  • Letter of Comfort
  • Mandate Agreement
  • Managing Director Contract
  • Rules of Procedure for the Management Board or Supervisory Board
  • Work instructions
  • Temporary work
  • Works Council Agreements
  • Indemnity agreements
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Corporate Housekeeping with the TQG businessApp cloud platform

  1. You have an immediate, complete and reliable overview of the main companies and their contracts, as well as the details they contain, at all times. This enables you to identify all opportunities and risks (e.g. in the case of a necessary or strategically planned restructuring) and act accordingly.

  2. All changes to data and processes are documented in the system and meet the requirements for auditing, Sarbanes Oxley, European Governance, GDPDU and MoReq.

  3. All information can be retrieved from the company file in the form of standard reports, ad-hoc evaluations, analyses and individual departmental reports. Thus, evaluations containing the shareholding structure, the EAV contracts and change of control clauses contained therein can be easily generated.

  4. Evaluations of this kind, combined with clear graphics, enable maximum transparency about the contract network of your companies.
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The TQG businessApp platform® - The powerful platform for the successful management of your business investments:

smarte Funktionen der TQG businessApp cloud platform - Ihr digitaler Erfolg!

smart functions of the TQG businessApp cloud platform - Your digital success!

  • Management of all major shareholdings
  • Committees, mandates and functionaries are clearly displayed
  • Standardization of contracts
  • Management and evaluation of critical contract clauses
  • Ensuring compliance through the Compliance Checklist
  • Audit-proof control of internal processes, e.g. approval procedures
  • Mapping of contractual relationships
  • Documentation of deviations from standards
  • Documentation of contract amendments and supplements

  • Documentation of contract amendments and supplements
  • Document management including versioning and full text search
  • Management of risk information, such as contractual penalties
  • Audit-proof documentation of all changes (who, what, when, why)
  • Creation of a file for resolutions, due diligence, NDA
  • Minimization of search times
  • Clear presentation of contractual regulations e.g. notice periods, important clauses
  • Full compliance with reporting obligations to external and internal stakeholders (management, legal and compliance departments)
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