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What is blockchain technology?

Wikipedia defines a blockchain as follows: "A blockchain (also block chain, English for blockchain) is a continuously expandable list of data records, called" blocks ", which are linked together using cryptographic methods. Each block typically contains a cryptographically secure hash ( Scatter value) of the previous block, a time stamp and transaction data. "
There is a very descriptive quote from the philosopher Maurizio Ferraris: "The basic idea of ​​the notch stick is extremely simple: With this technique, which is as primitive as it is ingenious, two sticks are placed next to each other and scratched across, each notch corresponding to a guilt. The creditor takes one stick, the debtor the other. The creditor will not be able to add a notch and the debtor will not be able to remove it since the comparison of the two sticks would immediately reveal the forgery.
Pretty easy, isn't it? An ancient, but also highly modern technology. Because the blockchain - this invention, which appears to us to be the greatest novelty of our time - is nothing more than a global notch that has been extended to countless computers. Instead of a counter shared by two people, we are dealing with a track that is stored on as many hard drives as possible, so that the addition or deletion of tracks (blocks) is prevented. Once again, as in a procession, technology brings ancient things back to light.
The blockchain may help us to solve many problems - but we can assume that it will also create many new problems. ”

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