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Data protection & GDPR software

Efficient data protection management for your company

The topic of data protection is omnipresent: in the business sector as well as in the private sphere. In 2018, all companies were faced with far-reaching changes in terms of data protection: Since 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (EU) also applies in Germany - a rule that applies throughout the EU. Under the new EU law, the previous Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the EU Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46 / EC), on which the BDSG is based, are no longer directly applicable.

The EU-GDPR standardizes the rules for the processing of personal data by private companies and public authorities across the EU. The aim is, on the one hand, to ensure the protection of personal data within the European Union and, on the other hand, to ensure the free movement of data within the European single market.

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Successfully building a data protection organization through the use of legal tech

Make data protection compliance the flagship of your company! We show you how you can successfully introduce and establish a data protection organization through sound structural and procedural organization as well as clearly defined processes and the use of legal tech.

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Data protection management software - these are your advantages!

With the TQG businessApp platform® you have your company's data protection management centrally in one place - everything at a glance in one businessApp!

  • Access to samples and templates
  • All data protection-relevant processes in your company always in view
  • Workflow-driven information through the data protection area
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • precise instructions save time & money
  • all important information digital & clearly arranged

This is what data protection is all about:

  • Involve the data protection officer more closely, define responsibilities
  • Establish data protection impact assessment/privacy impact assessment as a process
  • Design processes: Reporting obligations in the event of data breaches
  • Design other processes: Data subject rights, information obligations, etc.
  • Document all processes
  • Adapt commissioned data processing (ADV) contracts
  • Review directory of procedures
  • For processors: create new directory of processing activities
  • Set up training schedule
  • Document (have documented) and evaluate technical and organizational measures (TOM), define responsibilities
  • Check effectiveness of TOM, plan penetration tests and information security management
  • If necessary, plan technical implementation of data subject rights - information, data portability, etc.
  • Check forms and consents
  • Adapt privacy policy, adapt web tracking if necessary
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600 seconds about... Data protection and legal tech

In less than 10 minutes, you'll learn everything you need to know to successfully build a data protection organization through legal tech!

❕ There are no excuses - now we're tackling digitization!
❓ But how does that work in concrete terms?
❓ What do I need to consider?
❓ What are the risks and dangers if I don't do it?
❓ How do I fill a data protection organization with life?

Violetta Weber (Senior Data Privacy Expert) provided the answers to these questions at the Digital Opening of the 2021 Corporate Counsel Conference on January 18, 2021.

Benefit from best practice data protection in the TQG businessApp platform®

Meeting data protection requirements is an investment for you and your company.
Realize YOUR data protection management with the TQG businessApp platform®:

For tracking processes

firmly integrated in the TQG businessApp platform ®

usable in every department, globally available

all procedures at a glance, documented
and archived

Ensuring lawful action in the sense of good corporate governance

Audit security through history management.
All files and processes remain in view.

through efficient data protection management

Resubmissions and Template Management

Documentation based on a firmly established process

Excel and BIRT Reportings are possible

Research with smart-Search

Improving collaboration across the enterprise

Order processing contracts, data protection tasks,
processing activities, processing directory

Management of requests from concerned persons

Increase transparency
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