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Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) System

Supplier relationship management (SRM) for the Purchasing division

Purchasing departments are increasingly taking a strategic approach to their tasks. They have to assess, develop and maintain specific resource markets and suppliers. Only through an efficient supplier management or Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) can higher standards and better prices be obtained on a consistent basis. One such SRM system is the Best Practics Package SRM (also LCM Purchase).

LCM Purchase is a spezialized application of the TQG business App platform ® which particularly supports strate­gic and tactical procurement tasks and improves operational processes and information through exchanges with data from ERP systems. The strategic purchasing process is sustainable and transparent improved and optimized.

With LCM Purchase, users achieve more transparency, reporting improvements and a reduction of the purchase prices and the internal procurement costs. Additional optimization potentials can be implemented in the contract management, supplier evaluation and supplier connection areas. LCM Purchase provides valuable support for the exercise of the procurement function in corporations.

The management of contracts in the procurement process is particularly supported by the integration of existing ERP environments using creditors/debtors master data or harmonization of systems. Integration and usability avoid duplicate data maintenance and facilitate easy handling.

Functional modules of the LCM Purchase application

  • Supplier Master Data Management
  • Supplier Controlling
  • Supplier Relationship Management and Supplier Portfolio
  • Materials Group Management and Materials Group Portfolio
  • Supplier Portal
  • Supplier Self-Assessment
  • Procurement Management

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