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e-files - always & everywhere at hand!

Again and again these files... And everyone wants the company to become smarter, more digital, more efficient and more agile. Files should only be managed digitally, as an e-file? I'm sure this sounds familiar to you:   

  • HOW does it work?
  • WHAT must a digital platform solution for e-files be able to do?
  • HOW can digital file management be integrated into my company?
  • WHAT added value does an e-file offer?
  • Can I access my files on my tablet at any time during a court hearing?

A digital platform with integrated digital file management enables the systematic electronic recording and mapping of all relevant business transactions with documents, contracts or in processes in electronic files, the so-called e-file.

This range of functions, refined with BI - Business Intelligence, combines our smartLCM file management in the simplest way. Digital file management is an investment in the future of YOUR files. YOUR documents and files are securely protected against data loss, YOU have an overview of all deadlines, YOUR compliance is stable, YOU are prepared for recourse claims. Try us out!

✓ web-based ✓ technological ✓ future-oriented ✓ easy to use

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Die elektronische Akte in der weltweiten Legal-Organisation bei Henkel

The electronic file in the global legal organization

"Everything you store in the electronic file can be accessed anywhere!" The positive experience with electronic contract management encouraged Henkel to develop a digital alternative for file management as well. The integrative approach - further development of the LCM contract management software to include an e-file module - has been in use in Düsseldorf since 2015.

More about the e-file at Henkel (text in german)

smartLCM file management: that's in it for YOU!

smartLCM file management is a module of our TQG businessApp platform®. TQG businessApp platform®.
It includes among others: any file types, file plan, responsible & accountable, deadline management, comments, e-file vita, e-file, contract file.

"How is deadline management implemented?"
Deadline management can be implemented using resubmission rules.

"Are there comment fields?"
Comments for secondary text information are built in.

"What does the vita of an eFile mean?"
A vita can be used to assign multiple documents, contracts and contacts to a digital file.

"Can digital file management be used on the go?"
All file information can be provided in a document for mobile use on the go.

Mapping of any file types (e.g. transaction and process related)

Filing organization by means of digital file plan
comprehensive filing rules

with assignment structure
(main, secondary, sub-files)

with Office/Notes integration
flexible and mobile applicable

with standardized templates and responsibilities

Document Scan to "OneClick
Printout of the electronic file

Lifecycle management of a file.
All documents and contracts for one process!

A secure and clear concept prevents uncontrolled and unauthorized
and unauthorized access to contracts and files.

Contains all information relevant for contract
relevant information in an e-file

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Why is an e-file so important?

Without an e-file, digital work is not possible! The e-file is an investment in YOUR future. German courts are to keep their court files electronically from January 1, 2026 at the latest, as described in the current draft law of the German government (in german).

  1. secure, protected documents and files
  2. predictable costs in case of dispute
  3. Deadline management
  4. compliance is ensured
  5. Fast, simple search functions
  6. transparency

Digital files in everyday life - What are the common file examples?

In every department there are typical types of files, which are increasingly gaining in value in companies, because on the one hand processes are standardized, but on the other hand the special processes and information bring competitive advantages. Which file examples are common in everyday life?
There are, for example: IT files, sales files, compliance files, data protection files, customer files, patent management files, project files, partner files, process files, purchasing files, sponsoring files....

Contract file

The complete contract lifecycle is mapped in a digital contract file: from the invitation to tender, bid comparison, negotiation, review and signing, through contract performance, contract management and contract controlling, to contract renewal or archiving. In addition, all important contract information such as contract partners, responsibilities and clauses, as well as resubmissions, reminders and deadlines are bundled in the contract file.

Company file (investment management))

Within the company file, shareholding relationships can be maintained easily and conveniently. Whether the capital, shareholdings, committees, associated contracts and documents including threshold values or conditions and deadlines - all information in one file provides transparency and clear relationships - quickly and securely! For shareholder meetings, standardized reports and reports or individual evaluations can be created via the associated process workflows.

Civil Procedure File

The civil case file bundles the file management from the conclusion of the contract to the final judgment in a practice-proven way. All relevant steps, dates, notes and judgments are clearly summarized. This means that you have all documents at your fingertips and are fully prepared for the court hearing with just one mouse click and one document (eFile).

Trademark file

With the trademark file, the complete application process of a trademark can be monitored. The essential data of the application forms as well as the filing and administration of the form itself are taken into account. In particular, the monitoring of the application and the approval can be process-controlled and thus monitored in a standardized manner.

Personnel file

In addition to the personnel information in the payroll system or the time determination, the personnel file app can be used to manage comprehensive documents and processes for an employee. By linking to the personnel master record in the ERP or PIS (personnel information system), the personnel file optimally closes the gap between documents and master record data in the existing systems.

Tender file

All elements of a tender can be mapped in the tender file: starting with the file creation (with industry-specific adaptations possible), the classification of the requirements, the suppliers (contacts), the individual template modules for the supplier query, the evaluation of the incoming applications up to the evaluation, all elements are implemented in one process.


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