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Deadline management

How about


  • never have to worry about sweaty schedules again.
  • Always know when their contracts expire.
  • See all the details of a contract at a glance.
  • could see contract expiration dates at a glance in a calendar app.
  • could filter contracts, organize them by event, and allow responsibilities.
  • Could research contracts specifically by events and dates.

It would be like YOU could always be on vacation and still make money. It would be like YOU could always eat ice cream and cake and stay healthy without doing any sports.

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Appointment & Deadline Management

The key to your appointment & deadline management: the digital knowledge platform TQG businessApp platform®. The integrated deadline management offers:

  1. Monitoring of contract terms
  2. Compliance with notice periods
  3. early reaction to expiring contracts
  4. Maintenance of all information on contract terms incl. notice periods and minimum terms
  5. Management and monitoring of contract renewals
  6. Generation of automatic and manual resubmissions
  7. Direct insight into when a contract needs to be terminated or extended as soon as possible
  8. Information until when a contract is limited without extension


With smartPlanner, all important appointments are displayed in a clear calendar view in the TQG business App platform ® .

Follow-ups, contract durations and deadlines are available at a glance in the calendar view of the smartPlanner app and can be easily and dynamically filtered by event type and responsibility (role/function).

This way, all important appointments can be accessed directly and immediate processing of all related information becomes possible.

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