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What is Claims Management?

Wikipedia defines the term Claims Management as follows: "Claims management or supplement management (also claims management or claim management) is, according to (the now superseded) DIN 69905:1997, the "monitoring and assessment of deviations or changes and their economic consequences for the purpose of determining and enforcing claims."

In the project business, claims management is part of the toolkit of both the client and the contractor. The aim is to clarify the commercial consequences of events in the course of the project that could not be foreseen when the contract was signed."

Claims Reporting includes the management, reporting and analysis of claims and legal proceedings with provisioning for impending claims above a certain limit.

Automation of the management of such claims (Claims Reporting) in the TQG businessApp platform® through freely definable Claims Reporting processes including deadlines, responsibilities and resubmissions, with 80 the option to initiate the process manually or automatically. This leads to more transparency and enables easy assignment of cases to the responsible persons, departments or company subsidiaries. The file management in the TQG businessApp platform® enables an integrated creation and management of claims reporting files.

Reporting provides a detailed description of reported cases including status, new cases as well as updates of existing cases, zero notifications and information regarding provisions, damages, liability, costs or fees.

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