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smart Filing Assistant 2.0 - Document filing has never been easier!

The smartFiling Assistant 2.0 is a tool that is integrated into the TQG businessApp platform®. You can:

  • file documents in an uncomplicated way,
  • simply by drag & drop
  • All documents are dynamically structured and
  • assigned by file and reference number.

Thanks to smartApps, the TQG businessApp platform® contains new and forward-looking functionalities. They combine role-oriented work, a modern user experience and maximum efficiency.

Curious now? Then here's more information about YOUR possibilities with the TQG businessApp platform®

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smartFiling Assistant App: This is what's in it for YOU!

Unlike most smartApps, the smartFiling Assistant is not available as an app launcher, but is located in the top right of the menu bar.
The interactive button opens the smartFiling Assistant interface with one click - regardless of where you are in the TQG businessApp platform®.
With drag & drop, files can be added to the memory at any time, even if you are currently in another app.

smartFiling Assistant2.0: This is how SMART working is done today!

interactive button,
special interface as maximized DiALOG

By drag and drop onto an interactive panel or
by uploading files

AUTOMATIC linking of files & contracts
Display of status during upload.

Capture attributes of the document,
preview function

smartSearch function, filter function, result list,
document preview

Summary, details and
document preview

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