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In the context of digitalization and system-driven approval processes, the legally valid signature represents an important challenge within existing IT solutions. With the goal of reducing high effort, there is a need for a system-compatible equivalent which can replace the classic signature with paper and ink within multi-stage approval processes without losing binding force. The following applications are typical cases for an electronic signature.

  • Providing contracts with legally valid electronic signatures
  • Support for multi-level business processes that require signatures from multiple instances
  • Read confirmation of Need-to- / Must-know information
  • Secure archiving of documents

LCM Signature - legally secure and efficient

The TQG businessApp platform.® supports both simple and qualified signatures. While the simple electronic signature works exclusively with an image file, the variant with the advanced electronic signature uses the generally accepted and widely used PDF standard with a digital signature created via the user's certificate.

  • Simple and binding signing of documents
  • High integration for binding processes
  • For employees in their own company or even beyond its borders depending on the personal certificates used/issued
  • Management and use of signatures
  • Display of the signature status
  • Use of the PAdES standard ensures exchange between different parties using different software products

    Exchange of documents with external parties

    By using the PAdES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures) standard, an exchange between different parties using different software products is ensured.

    The standard stipulates that documents that have been signed using the PAdES procedure are stored / archived for many years. The concept includes the consideration of this fact and requires the support of validation over appropriate periods of time.

    Your benefit: The TQG businessApp platform.® thus relies on a method that meets your requirements both with regard to the binding nature of electronic legal correspondence and with regard to compatibility and future viability.

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