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beA - special electronic lawyer's mailbox

The "special electronic lawyers' mailbox" (beA) serves to support and handle all communication between courts, authorities and lawyers. The new communication platform replaces the previous "electronic court and administrative mailbox" (EGVP), through which courts in Germany were previously accessible electronically (but only to a limited extent).

Since 1st January 2018, lawyers have been obliged to have one (or, in the case of several clients, several) beA mailboxes and to be able to receive messages from them. In this context, the filing obligations for messages/information apply to in-house lawyers/incorporate lawyers in accordance with legal and company-specific guidelines. This can ensure a secure and structured (searchable) filing option in the legal department by means of electronic file management to the highest degree.

Further information on beA is available on the subject website of the German Federal Bar Association:

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beA for TQG businessApp cloud platform users: easily installed, easily operated, securely communicated

Now use the TQG businessAppcloud platform to combine these advantages with efficiency and your processes in the company.

With the TQG businessApp cloud platform beA addon you can directly within the file Access your beA mailbox and store messages completely and audit-proof in the TQG businessApp cloud platform.  The user's personal key (cf. beA card) is used for authentication to the beA mailbox. This is protected by an additional PIN or password.

Within your beA mailbox you can select your messages directly using simple operations and including all attachments in the TQG businessApp cloud platform for archiving or further processing.

Always up-to-date: Meet your obligations as an in-house lawyer and use the TQG businessApp cloud platform to check your beA mailbox for new messages with just one click (and your beA PIN).

The TQG businessApp cloud platform becomes the message center

The TQG businessApp cloud platform supports you in all important processes in communication and with regard to your applicable filing obligations with the highest level of commitment and efficiency. As shown, this includes the way from the beA mailbox to the system and the creation of new messages directly from the file or contract. Documents can easily be inserted directly into new beA messages.

By using the TQG businessAppcloud platform beA Addon you are on the safe side! 

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