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Business Process Management as part of a digital platform?!

You, me, all of us professionally deal with processes and task management on a daily basis. This often leads to special challenges and difficulties in everyday life. Maybe YOU know these questions:

    • Who takes over which tasks?
    • What is the status of various tasks?
    • From whom do YOU still need input?
    • Are the documents or contracts already signed by all internal and external customers?
    • Have YOU used the most recent version?
    • Are the different versions of the documents and contracts neatly filed?

    Quickly they say we need a digital process management system and now?

    • What must a good BPM system be able to do?
    • What added value does a BPM system integrated into a digital platform offer?
    • How does a workflow management system fit into my infrastructure?

    Through a digital contract management platform with an integrated business process management like the TQG businessApp platform®, YOU as a company can digitally control and manage the task management of the individual departments. Documents and contracts can be created and managed digitally, YOUR knowledge management becomes digital and remains in the company even after an employee leaves.

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    Workflow 1x1 at TQG businessApp platform®

    BPM Icon unterschriebener Vertrag

    Automatic creation

    Icon Gruppe User spricht

    Cross-departmental cooperation

    BPM Icon Paragraf

    Risk assessment, decision to set aside reserves

    BPM Icon Dokumente mit Pfeilen liegen in hintereinander

    Management of invoices, letters via central task queue

    Icon BPM Kreis aus Pfeilen

    complete workflow management

    Icon Mensch mit Zeigefinger vor dem Mund

    Tracking clues

    BPM Icon Quadrat mit Sternen und Schloss

    Documentation of declarations and violations

    BPM Icon Ticket

    Efficient workflow via ticket management

    BPM Icon Vertrag mit Schlüssel

    Approvals of files and documents

    BPM Icon Hand mit Glühbirne

    Employees' ideas are recorded and structured centrally

    BPM Icon Briefumschlag mit Personen

    Task assignments and information to process team

    BPM Icon Mensch mit Prozesskreissymbol

    Access requests and approvals

    Business Process Management as part of the TQG businessApp platform®: that's in it for you!

    With the TQG businessApp platform®, TQG offers YOU a highly versatile digital platform for business
    platform for business process management processes and workflow management. The area of BPM can be subdivided into the following categories, for example:

    Laptop mit LCM BPM Oberfläche Aktionsprozessen

    "What is meant by action processes?"

    Action processes include approvals, releases, signature processes, and eSignatures.

    Laptop mit LCM BPM Datenschutzoberfläche

    "What content does privacy processes take into account?"

    All topics of the GDPR area can be considered in a data protection process, such as notifications, data subject inquiries, compliance issues, whistleblowing...

    Laptop mit LCM Service-Prozess Oberfläche

    "What are service processes? "

    Service processes include, for example, contract creation, file creation, document creation, notifications, requests, service and information topics.

    Laptop mit LCM BPM Oberfläche zur Erstellung von Formularen

    "What do I need to consider to create forms?"

    The process for creating digital forms in particular can be mapped as an interactive BPM process.

    How are BPM processes integrated into the TQG businessApp platform®?

    BPM processes can:

    • Refine LCM, because customer situations can be addressed even more specifically.
    • Enrich LCM with functions that are not available in the standard product
    • Automate and accelerate the customer's daily processes
    • Optimize the customer's daily processes and ensure a high quality standard
    • Optimally support the customer's continuous improvement process (CIP)
    • E.g. drive and expand the step towards digitalization in the customer's company

    Webinar Business Process Management


    Business Process Management (BPM) as the key to success

    In our webinar we look at the challenges of Business Process Management (BPM), how to make it practical and how YOU can motivate the team to actively follow your agile ideas and changes. YOU will gain insights into the TQG businessApp platform® as well as its BPM features and learn how to use and apply them practically.



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