DiALOG Konzept

DiALOG concept

We are the initiators of the proven DiALOG concept, which consists of a club, magazine and award. "Digital change is communication" - bringing this motto into harmony with transparency for commitment and communication for sustainability is the core message of the DiALOG brand.

You can use the DiALOG concept to further strengthen your network and position your engagement throughout your market. The DiALOG concept series creates added value for you through a mixture of events, media and engagement for "excellent partners", trendsetters and successful concepts. You, too, can be a part of this successful network. In showing your engagement through using these activities, you lastingly strengthen your market competence, your network and, through that, your potential. You motivate your employees, get to know excellent organizations and people and belong to the very best in your market.


The DiALOG-Award supports the reverse process from an IT-based way of finding solutions to well-structured, reproducible and measurable processes with intelligent and understandable approaches in different corporate structures.



At the annual DiALOG Club experts from Science, Economics and Media discuss the latest trends and developments in the world of digital transformation.



DiALOG Magazine is fully dedicated to the motto "digital change is communication", making it the leading trade magazine for digital transformation in the Germanosphere.


DiALOG-Award "Excellence in Digital Transformation"


Excellence in Digital Transformation

Seal of quality for forward-looking structural and user concepts in administrative business projects and processes.



Exclusive exchange of ideas for digital trendsetters

The only international, annual club meeting for digital change in the Germanosphere.


DiALOG Magazin 2022

DiALOG Magazine

Digital change is communication - and DiALOG is the independent magazine for digital transformation.


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