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Our history

The Quality Group GmbH was founded to solve a growing problem: How to offer more than one customer at the same time a solution that is available, flexible, reliable and affordable at any time? Our goal is to provide our customers with everything they need for effective, efficient, digital contract management with one configurable product: the TQG businessApp platform®. When the TQG businessApp platform®. is enhanced, every improvement we make is available to everyone in a configurable way, and each customer decides which of these improvements they want to use.

This simple formula enables us to provide small businesses, midsize companies and large corporations around the world with the technology and expertise they need. Since 1984, we have been working continuously to align ourselves with the technical possibilities of our competitors, to bring in our own innovation and at the same time to grow as a company sustainably and profitably. We do not invest too much and do not acquire new customers at any price. We do not work on projects that we cannot deliver. We want to make our customers happy and believe that developing a configurable product that fully meets the customer's needs is the best way to deliver high quality in content management.

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Our goals

For more than 30 years, our values such as passion, commitment and innovation have stood for a business model that clearly positions itself in the ever faster changing world of information technology by the standards of commitment, fairness and customer satisfaction. The pride of having moved and created something during this time is a good feeling. Ideas were developed from visions and the resulting know-how in the products and services was aligned to the requirements of practice. Our consulting, product and service portfolio thus makes us a reliable and competent partner for our users and operators," the management team unanimously states.

For many years we have been cultivating relationships and commitments to our customers and partners in accordance with the slogan "The Quality Group - that's how you measure us! We live up to the character of a "Swabian think tank". We see ourselves as a dynamic medium-sized company with firm roots in values such as reliability and identity. The satisfaction of our customers, measured by the quality and assurance of our services, is our most important motivation for improving our products and our appearance.

Technology awareness and communication are the pillars of agile action of a company that is oriented towards long-term customer relationships. The early recognition of trends, such as Enterprise Information Management, combined with the high flexibility in our own organization and the motivated, committed appearance of our employees ensure long-term confidence in a successful, sustainable future of The Quality Group.

Measure us by it!"

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Our vision

Customer satisfaction measured by the quality and assurance of our services is our most important drive to improve our products and our appearance. We are committed to always act in accordance with the principles of corporate compliance: in line with our own requirements for honest communication and fair, reliable dealings with customers and employees. The competence, reliability and motivation of our employees ensure our long-term business success.

Our passion

We are the initiators of the proven DiALOG concept consisting of the DiALOG Fachforum, DiALOG magazin and DiALOG-Award. With the DIALOG concept, you can position your network strengths and commitment throughout the market. The DiALOG concept series achieves its value through the mixture of event, media and a commitment to "excellent partners", trendsetters and successful concepts. The Quality Group GmbH has been supporting the study programs Business Law (Bachelor) and Legal Management (Master LL.M.) at the HTWG Konstanz since 2019. Two prizes are awarded to the graduates: the "TQG LegalTech Award" for the best thesis in the field of Legal Tech and the "TQG Design Thinking Award" for the most creative student in the field of Design Thinking. We understand business and sports as a sustainable connection according to the demand for performance, fairness and success. Fresh fruit as well as cold and warm drinks for the employees are a matter of course for us. The Quality Group has been supporting the regional cycling team of RSV Tailfingen since 2012. This club has made a national name for itself through years of continuous development and training of young cyclists.

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Our art

Under the motto "Quality - Compliance - Values need more values", The Quality Group has launched the TQG Art Project since 2014. At regular intervals, spontaneous art projects are created as a spin-off of the regular employee photo shoots. This project is very important to us, because digitalization means communication and being human for us. With this project, The Quality Group would like to emphasize that in all digitization projects the focus is always on the HUMAN, true to the company values "Passion - Commitment - Innovation".
Our standards are always commitment, fairness and customer satisfaction.

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