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Cloud Computing - Managed Services & Outsourcing

How about if you:

  • ... never have to deal with IT departments, IT budgets, hardware and software again?
  • ... never have to pay for IT software again?
  • ... no longer have to provide 24/7 IT support?
  • ... no longer have to apply for IT budgets all the time?
  • ... no longer have to worry about database updates?
  • ... not have to provide service releases or major re-releases?

It would be as if YOU could pay anywhere, anytime with smart watches and no longer need cash, EC cards or Visa cards. It would be comparable to a nationwide 5G network, without dead spots or slow internet.

Cloud computing is the provision of computer resources via the internet, a special type of hosting service. These can be servers, storage, databases, networks, software and other services. YOU and YOUR company get access to a platform via which any number of servers can be virtually networked with each other regardless of location.

A distinction is made between different types of cloud computing:

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What are YOUR advantages and YOUR benefits of TQG Cloud Computing?

  1. YOU and YOUR company get great flexibility.
  2. YOUR hardware, operating and resource costs are reduced.
  3. You only book the components or the package you need and can adapt this flexibly at any time.

Provision and support of your LCM solution with comprehensive security portfolio

Provision of secure

Remote maintenance and operation of selected LCM components in your data centre

SLA operation of your LCM

Management of operating system and IT standard services in the LCM context

Management and provision of computer and storage
resources for the LCM systems

Cloud computing: all-round, flexible packages for YOUR LCM!

The digitalisation of administrative processes, their legal and business conditions as well as central, sustainable and compliance-compliant document storage are the foundation of a modern and agile company. On this basis, the TQG businessApp platform® smartLCM forms an integrated information, file, contract, risk, compliance and workflow management system, the result of which is a knowledge database.

The TQG businessApp platform® can be operated both in the customer data centre and at TQG's German data centre.

Advantages with outsourcing (TQG ASP services) of the platform (private cloud) for you personally:

  • no know-how build-up and maintenance about platform and operation from your IT support
  • Key-User-Tickets directly to TQG
  • Significantly reduced communication/coordination effort from the specialist department with your IT and TQG (close to zero)
  • Faster, more efficient, cheaper implementation of businessApp platform® product updates, security updates, etc.
  • Optimum capacity to act at TQG in project planning, consulting and support

CONCLUSION: YOU, YOUR company and YOUR employees and users are more satisfied!

Cloud Computing Pakete

Our all-round range of services is based on the provision of complete services for
plannable monthly fees starting from

  • Secure & up-to-date IT infrastructure in a DSGVO-compliant environment
  • The digital platform for convenient, efficient backup of your digital information
  • Supplementary services for agile changes to your organisation or requirements.

To get you started, we have defined three service packages, which are divided into

  • Standard: Managed Cloud Service
  • Fullservice: Managed Cloud Service incl. Implementation of Updates
  • Premium: Managed platform service for new customers

The following services complement the standard service for hosting / cloud services:

  • Service features 1 - Sustainability / Service Operation & Security
  • Service features 2 - Database - Update and -/Service
  • Service features 3 - Major/Minor & ServiceRelease - Update

to the monthly ASP fees. The services 1 to 3 can be booked flexibly.

The cloud computing packages can be booked with a term of 36, 48 or 60 months.

Scalable computing and storage services on state-of-the-art cloud infrastructures

TQG provides YOU with virtual computing services and storage capacities for the businessApp platform® and offers YOU maximum flexibility in terms of the scope and service level with which YOU would like to use the solutions.

The scope of services offers YOU for example:

  • Provision of server resources in the data centre
  • Flexible storage space
  • High-speed networking of the systems
  • Dedicated network segments in the data centre with secure Internet access
  • 24x7 monitoring & operation of the infrastructure with defined service level agreements (SLAs)
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Security parameters ASP Service

WHAT do we do for YOUR security and the protection of YOUR data?

The provision of our ASP offer is based on a long-standing partnership with strategic partners with whom rule-based service level agreements (SLA) exist on

  • 24x7 operating hours with monitoring, backup and data recovery
  • Certified hosting services with DIN ISO9001, ISO27001,....
  • Compliance with German framework conditions for data centres 
  • Security infrastructure with firewall and VPN/VLAN
  • Secure encryption
  • Very good availability
  • ...
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