Digital Personnel Record

Best Practice
for Human Resources

Digital Personnel Record

The benefits of an integrated digital records management in the HR field are obvious:

  • Use of any types of files (for example, task and process-related)
  • Storage organization means fileplan
  • Competence & responsibilities within a file (for example, internal clerk, persons involved)
  • Time management with reminders
  • Comments for secondary text information
  • Vita of a file (assignment of multiple documents, contracts, contacts to a file)
  • eRecord - important files information in a document on the go

All this and much more is included in the Best Practice Package "Digital Personnel Record"!

Personnel records digitally under control!

In addition to the personal information in the accounting system or the time determination, with LCM Digital Personnel Record overarching documents and processes per employee can be managed. By coupling with the personnel master record in the ERP or PIS (Human Resources Information System), the Best Practice Package LCM Digital Personnel Record closes the gap between documents and master record data in the existing systems.


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