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From conventional networks to NFV/SDN controlled networks: optimal migration, organization and operation (VokuS)

Goal of the project VokuS is the development of methods for organizing the transition from conventional networks to networks using Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN).

These methods target the identification of the best network nodes to upgrade to SDN functionality as well as the virtualization of suited network functions.

Costs and available resources like CPU performance, RAM and required bandwidth are taken into account.

Additionally the operation costs of NFV/SDN networks shall be optimized considering the changes in the network management caused by NFV/SDN.

This contains traffic-dependent dynamic routing as supported by SDN, the migration of functions based on operational costs or for balancing the network load as a feature of NFV and the possibility of shutdown parts of the network in order to save energy.

The results of the research will be part of a network planning tool and it will be evaluated based on data from real networks.

The projects results will be algorithms und processes that allow an optimal migration to NFV/SDN under realistic circumstances for the network operator.

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