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We have dared again! Our popular acronym dictionary is now in its fourth round! And there is a printed paper work in front of you - despite the digital transformation that we are all committed to. Why paper and not an app? Because we dare. Because despite digitization and speed, some things - good things - can and may have stock. We want to keep the reference book on the desk. We are sticking to our educational offensive to support the digital transformation of society and people.

The basic necessity of an acronym collection cannot be dismissed out of hand. In the jungle of digitization you can still need any help, especially if you belong to the DI ... Digitization - now plain text! Even in this whole jumble of WhatsApp and Insta language - finally understand your messages (and children, who are all DN)!

2F4U is a thing of the past. On the contrary: AMA is then on the agenda. And the answer to a “WMDS?” Is very clear…. Who wants to be the DAU or PEBKAC? But even if YHBT - WAYNE? After all, YOLO! No more IRC or SMS, IG and YT are now playing the music! And if that's not for you: how about an MMORPG, a round of LoL or WoW? GnGn! Then you can say BTDT without a doubt.

ANSCD: Even in business you can not avoid some BKL: z. For example, if your CIO - or there is already a CDO - requires compliance with CoC and ITIL (not to mention the GDPR), it is best to remind him of the TatT ASAP. Or when it comes to EIM: then you can explain your POV to the noobs and simply say that EIM was created from ECM and BI, maybe a DMS also played a role. If you argue this in the context of ERP, EAI and invest in new systems with ROI and TCO based on BPMN and justify this with KPI and KVP ... KWL, right? And if you don't know the answer at all, a GIYF, EOD will still help.

We hope it wasn't 2F4U now and you can say YMMD - and if you do, it's good that you have our dictionary!

Your Acronym Fan– (Be) Rater

Steffen Schaar
Chairman of the fan club "Funny Acronyms"

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