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Dictionary  "Digitalisierung - jetzt mal Klartext!"

​​​​​​​(English: "Digitization - now in plain language!")

EIM - German < > German - EIM

We dared again!  Our popular Enterprise Information Management (EIM) acronyms dictionary is now in its 4th round! And you're looking at a printed work made of paper - despite the digital transformation we're all embracing. Why paper and not an app? Because we dare to. Because despite digitization and speed, some things - good things - can and may endure. We want to remain the reference work on the desk. We are sticking to our educational offensive to accompany the digital transformation of society and people.

The fundamental need for an acronyms compendium cannot be dismissed out of hand. In the digitization jungle, you can use all the help you can get, especially if you're a DI... Digitization - let's get it straight! Even in all this confusion of WhatsApp and Insta-language - finally understand your messages (and children, who are all DN) again!

2F4U is now a thing of the past. On the contrary, AMA will be on the agenda. And to a "WMDS?" the answer is quite clear .... Who wants to be the DAU or PEBKAC? But even if YHBT - WAYNE? After all, YOLO applies! So no more IRC or SMS, IG and YT is where the music is now! And if that's not for you: how about an MMORPG, a round of LoL or WoW? GNGN! Then you can say without a doubt BTDT.

ANSCD: Even in business, you can't avoid some BKL: e.g. if your CIO - or is there even a CDO already - demands compliance with CoC and ITIL (not to mention DSGVO), you'd best remind him ASAP of the TatT. Or if the topic is EIM: then you can explain your POV to the noobs and simply say that EIM evolved from ECM and BI, maybe a DMS played a role as well. Argue that in the environment of ERP, EAI and invest with ROI and TCO based on BPMN new systems and justify this with KPI and CIP... KWL, right? And if you don't know an answer at all, a GIYF, EOD still helps.

We hope that wasn't 2F4U and you can say YMMD - and if you do, good thing you have our dictionary!

Your acronyms fan adviser

Steffen Schaar 

Chairman Fan Club „Lustiges Akronymeraten“

[Solution (examples): 2F4U - Too-fast-for-you ; AMA- Ask-me-anything ; YMMD - You-made-my-day]

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