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TQG LegalTech Award & TQG Design Thinking Award

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Since 2019, The Quality Group GmbH has been sponsoring the Business Law (Bachelor) and Legal Management (Master LL.M.) degree programs at HTWG Konstanz. For this purpose, two prizes are awarded to the graduates: the "TQG LegalTech Award" for the best thesis in the field of legal tech and for the "TQG Design Thinking Award" for the most creative student(s) in the field of design thinking.


Social Responsibility

„We see the ongoing connection between business and sport as part of our aspirations for performance, fairness and success.

Naturally, we provide fresh fruit, as well as warm and cold drinks for employees."

Steffen Schaar, Member of the Managing Board

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Team The Quality Group RSV Tailfingen e.V.

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Since 2012 The Quality Group has been supporting the regional cycling team of RSV Tailfingen. This club has gained a national reputation through years of steady development and training of young cyclists. The TQG is particularly convinced of this support concept, because the philosophy of the club resides solely in long-term support for youth and working with young talent. Students of all ages are accompanied at the leisure, trainee and professional level by experienced trainers, friends and mentors, and can look back upon considerable success. "Beginning with children – the result is adults in both responsibility and position" states the team leader; and he continues: "Teamwork, ambition and the will to perform are taught especially in cycling and team members take these traits into the professional world as well. The support by TQG makes us proud and connects with the attributes of ambition, transparency and success with the business goals of The Quality Group."

Family cycling event 2018

"All the way inside the Côte d'Azur in blue, 200 meters on the racing line, 42 degree incline".

Do you know what this is all about? We know it since Saturday! Because that's when our TQG family cycling event took place at the cycling track in Öschelbronn. Under the guidance of experienced cyclists from The Quality Group RSV Tailfingen team, we ventured onto the wooden oval. And learned that the blue stripe at the bottom is also called the Côte d'Azur.

The first "aha" moment for us laymen was when we got on the bike: "Where are the brakes" - they don't exist on a track bike! And it went on: the bikes don't have an idle either. That is, the cranks always turn and you should therefore also always pedal because otherwise you lie very quickly on the nose.

Fortunately, it never came to that and everyone was highly motivated to push themselves higher and higher on the 42° steep track and to pedal until their thighs burned. Even the up-and-coming riders (i.e. children) on their running wheels had a lot of fun inside. And who knows, maybe there was one or the other young talent.

Many thanks at this point to all the hardworking helpers from the RSV Tailfingen for setting up and dismantling, baking plum cake, greasing lard bread, making coffee, screwing bikes and and and...

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The ball is round...

... and has rattles.

Interview with Lukas Smirek, software developer at The Quality Group and known in football circles as the "little Chinese from Swabia", about blind soccer, his successes in the club and in the national team.


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