Compliance Excellence

Enable business success efficiently with effective compliance - LCM supports you in ensuring Compliance Excellence.

is an important business area of your company, affecting the company's success in the long term!

Legal requirements such as KonTraG and the German Corporate Governance Code explicitly require compliance. Even international law, as in the USA SOX or Article 41 of the EU Financial Statement Auditors' Directive (so-called EuroSOX), places considerable demands on the company, which are to be fulfilled in the context of compliance. In addition to this legal consideration, compliance also has an ethical dimension: As such, self-imposed rules, internal guidelines or moral principles are to be respected and fulfilled through proper behavior.

Our solution: LCM Compliance

  • Guidelines/Template Versioning
  • Appointment/Action Planning
  • Audit/Evidence Documentation
  • Incident Management (Whistleblowing)
  • Key Figure Reporting