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Our claim is the connection of your business goals with our innovative solutions in the area of network planning, documentation and optimization.


The Quality Group it vision GmbH (TQGitv)

The Quality Group it vision GmbH,  a company of The Quality Group, is active in the telecommunications market since 1995. It supports German and European operators of mobile and transport networks in planning, maintaining and documenting their infrastructure.

The Quality Group it vision GmbH supports the operators in various ways:

  • Consulting in technical questions of telecommunications
  • Assisting at the implementation of new processes of planning and documenting
  • Customer oriented development of specialized software for efficient network planning

The offering of a huge variety of tasks in the field of 'planning, maintaining and documenting of telecommunication networks' was made possible by deploying the modular tool NETx in 2003 which is permanently extended and updated.

Within the research project TQGitv engages in the network planning of pure and hybrid NFV/SDN networks. The optimal way of supporting network operators at the migration and operation of the new networks is investigated.

Changes of the planning processes are considered as well as the parametrization of network functions, extended cost models, extended network resources and time depending traffic data. The optimization algorithms from the project partner are integrated in the new extended model for network planning.

Institute of Communication Networks

The Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) is a rather young and dynamic university with about 6700 students, about 100 professors and about 650 research assistants. The education at the TUHH is divided into schools, the interdisciplinary cooperation in research is divided into research centers whose activities can be mapped on the fields of competence „Green Technology“, „Life Science Technology“ and „Aviation and Maritime Systems“.

The Institute of Communication Networks (ComNets) is part of the school of electrical engineering, computer science and math. It contributes to the research centers "Self-Organizing Wireless Sensor and Data Networks" (SOMSED) and "Aeronautics". The institute deals with the planning, optimization, development and performance evaluation of communication networks and their protocols in research and education.

The focuses with regards to content are:

  • Mobile & Vehicular Communication
  • Sensor Networks & Internets of Things (IoT)
  • Future Networks & Network Planning

In all fields the performance capability is analyzed, the networks and protocols are optimized and new architectures, services and protocols are developed. The head of the institute, professor Timm-Giel, is spokesman for the SOMSED research center and vice president of research.

Within the project the TUHH develops and analyzes methods for planning NFV/SDN networks. This includes the formulation of the problems as mathematical optimization problems, the analysis of various methods for optimization and the development of efficient heuristic algorithms, which can be used in real network.

To validate the research results TUHH tests algorithms on basis of randomly created network topologies with varying parameters before integrating them into a network planning tool.

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