TQG businessApp platform.®

The TQG businessApp platform.® is a companywide life cycle management solution for optimizing and future-proof structuring of business processes, contracts, documents and responsibilities. It is modular, inter-departmental and reliable in storage, searches, and traceability. Workflows provide user-friendly support to ensure adherence to compliance guidelines throughout your procedures and projects. The solution is 100% suited to the cloud for SaaS operation (Software as a Service).

The smart TQG businessApp platform.® for Enterprise Information Management is your web-based, integrative and interactive basis for cross-platform company-wide communication. The following components make the TQG businessApp platform.® unique:

  • smartBusinessApps – division-specific, role-/task-related, configurable, intuitive User Interface (responsive design)
  • smartWork – configurable and individual components/apps
  • smartEasySearch – information-/data-related efficient „artificial intelligence“ researches
  • smartSharedWork – knowledge sharing of best-practice work-desk, reports, etc. to roles/users
  • smartStorage – storage and administration of all information according to “GoBD“ (encrypted, signed, confidential, etc.)
  • smartBusinessManager – management of guidelines, templates, authorization concept , workflows
  • smartIntegration – interactive network/system integration/connectors in communities/social media/data base



The TQG businessApp platform.® consists of...

role-based authorization and user management








businessApp level with

  • role-based
  • sectoral
  • task-related

App collections

Your advantages:

  • Individuality: surface depending on role or department
  • Clarity: only the apps you need, everything at a glance
  • Personalized: direct access to the files, procedures or contracts in your responsibility

App collections, etc. for these business areas

  • Legal Management Office
  • Legal Operation Office
  • Purchase/Supplier Department
  • Finance/ Controlling Office
  • revision
  • Privacy Protection
  • Strategy and communication
  • IT
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Real Estate
  • Corporate Communication


The TQG businessApp platform.® offers the following app components:

  • default
  • Best Practice
  • Business Solutions 

Your advantages:

  • Information / subject-related efficient "artificial intelligence" research
  • Distribution of best practice work desk, reports, etc. to roles / users
  • Templates, guidelines, templates, workflow management for cross-departmental automated organizational and workflow rules

App level with Apps for e.g.

  • Privacy statements
  • eAkte
  • electronic signature
  • IFRS
  • clause management
  • activity recording
  • Litigation
  • Reporting
  • Smart contract
  • contract portfolio
  • workflows
  • u.v.m

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