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Trends present themselves in a new look

(Böblingen) The trends on the website are now presented with a new and fresh design. The content description of articles from the various volumes of DiALOG - the magazine for Enterprise Information Management - are now additionally available sorted according to keywords.

“The recognition of trends and the proactive design of the change process is an important cornerstone of our actions", said Cornelia Geiselhart, Marketing Assistant and Editor of the DiALOG magazine, proudly. "By linking content and theory with the partly very practical contributions from the DiALOG magazine, we have created a new dynamism in topicality". 

For more than 30 years now, with values such as passion, commitment and innovation, TQG has stood for an agile business model which positions itself in the ever faster changing world of information technology in terms of standards in commitment, fairness and customer satisfaction. 

Furthermore, all contributions from the current DiALOG Award holders and winners in recent years can be read on the pages, and

Perhaps reading one of those posts may inspire you with an idea for your application for the DiALOG Award 2018?

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