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Totally up for TQG: Recruiting website shines with a new look

(Böblingen) The TQG careers website ( has been updated with new pictures and a new layout. The aim of this layout revision is to address applicants more directly, the more personal way and also a bit cheekily, in order to better reach young professionals.

The career section now contains the following three new subpages:


  • Who are we?
  • What do we offer?
  • Job Board 

In addition, there are employee statements that offer interested parties and applicants the opportunity to gain a direct insight into TQG's everyday life.

The new career blog, “Totally up for TQG” (, in which employees from various areas report on their everyday work, offers an even deeper insight into the company’s activities, as well as news about numerous events, such as the DiALOG Expert Forum, the company run in Böblingen and the Christmas party.

In order to rigorously pursue our new strategy, we have also implemented a visual and content redesign for the company profiles on kununu ( and XING (, based on the new look of the recruiting page on the TQG website.

Come and visit us, we are looking forward to seeing you!

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