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The recipe!

Follow me into a dream (or lived reality?)... The other day I came across a set of instructions from my grandmother. It said, "Take this and that, take the freshest or the best, put it all together nicely and read the instructions in full beforehand. All of this together helps to get the best result. It will make you and others happy and content."

All right, let's go! I'll put it all together. Choose the right tool, the basis. Put the individual things together in such a way that I see a "system" for myself in it. Proceed carefully, step by step. Ready! Now, I’ll put it all together. Round to the left and maybe a little too fast, whatever, because that's the way I always did it. Now, I need some more time, check again and let it all interact together. Yes, of course, I also check the quality of my work, somewhat unconventionally, on myself, so to say, if you know what I mean. And I immediately notice, "Oops, a little more care really would not have gone amiss". "Your always smarter after the event," I tell myself and find good reasons why I didn't listen to grandma's recipe.

A food recipe? No, not at all! As a "digital (retarded) immigrant" I have described my own feelings during the transition to an everyday paperless office to you before. Yeah, you're right - Grandma had to serve as a replacement for history once again. But let's face it, if we were to show more seriousness and respect for the experiences of our grandmother's generation in the sense of values (and a culture of values), it could be much easier to succeed in our own (digital) transformation in everyday life. After all, what is everyday digital transformation really about? Technology and IT? No! It is about proven characteristics, such as sustainability, transparency or the communication culture in everyday (business) life. Not just agility, mobility and (IT) speed.

Have you already guessed who it is who has to take responsibility? Grandmother was (unfortunately) yesterday and we are here today. Let us therefore shape our everyday life, our lives with the (not unconditional) trust in IT, the GMV (see dictionary EIM-German, German-EIM) and the collective will, "We shape the speed and duration of digital transformation". We take a lot of time and make appointments or take part in events on the subject of this seemingly "eternal" topic. Be a part of it, too. Because you know that only people who have had (or have) great solutions to this problem report about their experiences.

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