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The Quality Group has implemented the lottery operating system for Loteri Cymru

(Hamburg) The Quality Group – Lottery Technology Systems GmbH is expanding as technical supplier for Charity Lotteries in the UK market: With Loteri Cymru TQG-LTS has implemented the second complete society Lottery Central System in the UK market that will operate on the TQG-LotterySuite standard software, as a secure, high performing and market proven lottery management system.

Loteri Cymru will launch ticket sales for the new all-Wales society lottery on April 10th, 2017. The weekly ‘loto’ draw has a guaranteed jackpot with proceeds raising money for grassroots community causes throughout Wales.

Loteri Cymru has selected the TQG-LotterySuite because the system supports perfectly the needs of a lottery. The system is already proven in the UK market and supports all functions to manage and develop the players, to handle the entire gaming process including game management and draw management, to handle win calculation and the payouts to the players. The TQG-LotterySuite is connected to various external services like CallCredit or DataCash for payment transactions.

Commenting on the project acceptance by Loteri Cymru, Karsten Hagemeister COO and Head of Business Development at TQG-LTS said: “The combination of standard software and agile project implementation is the fact for a smooth and efficient project implementation. We appreciate to grow also as expert for Charity Lotteries in the international gaming market.”   

Sue Carter, chief executive of Loteri Cymru said: “Selecting TQG-LTS was a perfect fit for us. Their experience of the UK society lottery market helped with a fast implementation. We are happy that we selected a smaller but stable supplier as they demonstrated flexibility whenever it was needed. We are looking forward to a long-term successful partnership with TQG-LTS.”

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