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Successful BUJ-Workshop „We are building a Legal Tech App!“

Böblingen. "How does one build a Legal Tech App? How should a business process be modelled? Can anyone do this or do you need the IT?" These and many other questions were the topic of the practical workshop "We are building a Legal Tech App!" by The Quality Group (TQG), in cooperation with the Federal Association of Corporate Lawyers (BUJ) on 28th February 2018. 

In the very exclusive event rooms at Merck KGaA in Darmstadt, Steffen Schaar, Member of the Executive Board at TQG, together with Sonja Wolf, Media & Product Manager at BUJ, welcomed the participants by saying, "It's great that you dared to do something completely new. On the road to digitisation, one must dare to break new ground."

Under the guidance of the experts from TQG, the in-house lawyers delved deeply into the subject of modelling business processes in the legal department and, right at the beginning, learned a valuable piece of insight from Steffen Schaar, "Today, programming is no longer done through the IT, but simply configured using the Business Process Management (BPM) toolbox. Anyone can learn that."

After the theoretical introduction to the topics of Legal Tech and BPM, small groups developed their own application examples for Legal Tech Apps and presented them to the plenum at the end of the session. Steffen Schaar summed up the results aptly, "It's exciting to see how different the two groups have reached their final result. Even in everyday life, in the interaction between departments, there is always a very differentiated level of knowledge within the various employees of a company, due to the wide range of specialist knowledge and experience, so one should always be aware that process control is not an individual task, but a global organisational task."

Class goal achieved! All participants were convinced that the event, the practical approach and the comprehensible theming along the daily challenges in the legal departments could open up new opportunities in everyday life. "Keep up the good work, BUJ and TQG!" one participant said, speaking on behalf of the group.

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