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Success Story: Specialist areas and IT – working hand in hand to achieve a succesasful contract and file management project at Mankiewicz

(Hamburg) Late in the summer of 2016, after undertaking workshops with various suppliers, Mankiewicz Gebr. & Co. (GmbH & Co. KG) decided on TQG's LCM solution.

The firm did not have a digital solution for contract management at the time, but it was decided that the project, led by the legal department, IT and purchasing, would look for a forward-looking, company-wide solution. While choosing between the offers of various vendors, in addition to functionality, great importance was placed on user-friendliness and clarity, as well as the solution being web-based.

"IT plays an important role in finding the right tool", Ralf Stölting, CIO (Head of Information Technology) had realized. “The requirements for the project, as well as the associated desires for the project must be defined by each individual department.”

The new system is now being used more intensively every day. To accommodate this, many processes within the company have been adjusted. Now, the legal department is solely responsible for the entry of new contracts and the allocation of read and write permissions. A clear authorization concept ensures that every user only has access to the contracts they are responsible for and they need for their duties.

The new system ensures data security, transparency and seamless deadline control. In addition to the contract history, as far as is necessary, the correspondence relating to the contract is also stored, so that this can be used later, should instances of doubt occur.

The requirements for the new system were developed and decided upon in workshops with employees from the specialist departments, the IT department and experts from TQG. The stipulation was that the solution had to be very much oriented to the company’s requirements, for example, in relation to tracking deadlines and the operational periods of the contracts. A project plan was then created that specified in detail who was to perform which tasks and when.

Within the Mankiewicz organization, Thomas Teichmann, SAP organization (management and financial accounting) was responsible for the IT project management.

The clearly defined objectives and user requirements as well as the well-organized project management were important for the success of the project, explained Ralf Stölting. The implementation was linked to a deadline and only took three months. The software has been in use since May 2017 and is widely accepted by the project team, as well as by the solution’s users.

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