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Review of DiALOG on tour in Hamburg: Contract management and compliance: the powerful supporters of your company!

(Böblingen/Hamburg) Contract management, compliance and networking - these topics were the focus of the eleventh DiALOG on tour on 28th September, in Hamburg. And the numerous visitors at CARLS at the Elbphilharmonie agreed that Steffen Schaar, a member of the management of The Quality Group, had been proved right with his wish that he expressed during his welcome speech: after four entertaining hours, all of the participants took new and valuable practical knowledge home with them.

In the first talk, entitled "Managed Legal Service - a measure that not only helps you manage your contracts", Dr Ernst Georg Berger, Managing Director of Clarius Legal GmbH, highlighted the topic of legal process outsourcing and the key aspects required for a successful implementation. He stressed how important the integration of the external lawyers is, as well as the understanding of the company's internal processes, which they support in-house.

Dr Alexander Deicke, Managing Director of K11 Consulting GmbH, spoke about the important component of mutual understanding and open communication in his presentation "Compliance in the sense of Enterprise Information Management". He made it clear that it is not enough to simply install a Compliance Management System (CMS) to meet your own and external rules. It is much more important to anchor the rules and processes in the company and live them.

Christina Pfahler from the Chocoversum by Hachez, who took the participants on a special journey of pleasure, namely the sensual discovery of the world of cocoa, provided a sweet-tasting change. As a delicious surprise, a chocolate fountain awaited the enthusiastic visitors who clearly enjoyed the taste of the self-dipped chocolate.

"Compliance Excellence - practice from A to Z", was the title of the presentation by Nils Scharifi, compliance expert at The Quality Group, who highlighted the practical aspects of compliance on the way to achieving compliance excellence. In doing so, he placed the tension triangle of compliance at the focus of attention: passive toleration (rejecting compliance) - rejection (avoidance of compliance) - active participation (consent and assistance). Mr Scharifi made it clear through practical examples that only the active participation of the people in the company ensures permanent compliance, as well as the potential benefits of a CMS, such as the avoidance of liability risks, increased efficiency and greater transparency.

Barbara Baurichter, Head of the Legal Department of AFS Aviation Fuel Services GmbH, went deeper into the practical aspect. Under the title "Efficient and Secure Contract Management - a challenge for the legal department", she presented the successful contract management project that AFS has implemented together with The Quality Group. One of the most important success factors for the fast introduction was the clear definition of the project team's own requirements or, as Ms Baurichter described it: "You have to know what you want - no provider can tell you! The better the preparation, the more successful the project. "

Rounding off, Steffen Schaar summed up the key message of the presentations: "The three requirements for a successful project are: 1. Nothing can be achieved without the IT. The IT should not be the driver, but rather the IT department should. 2. Quality must come before quantity - introducing a solution as quickly as possible simply doesn't work. 3. It is all about the people. Only if acceptance is created in the company can the solution can be successful."

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