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DiALOG on tour in Hamburg: Spicy Records Management!

(Böblingen/Hamburg) Modern records management, expert discussions during networking and practical tips on which spices help counter aching limbs or colds all featured in the networking event DiALOG on tour, which took place on the 25th February, in Hamburg.

Stefan Schiller, The Quality Group GmbHDuring the event, participants learned, in a practical way, about how they could use sustainable life-cycle management in file organization to focus on transparency and audibility, thereby measurably increasing efficiency of the procedures and processes in their specialist department. In addition to theoretical examples of successful file organization, delivered by Stefan Schiller, Account Manager at The Quality Group, a practical presentation by Nils Scharifi, Account Manager at The Quality Group, provided visitors with the opportunity to get to know the file and contact management software "Product Suite LCM" better.

Viola Vierck, Spicy's GewürzmuseumThe relaxed atmosphere of the event was ensured not only through the informative and open discussions during networking sessions, but also by the interesting presentation by Viola Vierck, from Spicy’s Spice Museum, about the fascinating world of spices, their history and ways of using them. Steffen Scharr, a member of the Board of Directors at TQG, said that the subject of spices fitted well with the event, saying, "Records management, in some ways, has its similarities with the use of spices, in that it's not about the quantity, but the quality - and that can only be achieved by taking the people in the organization with you and convincing them of the advantages of a modern, electronic records management system."

The next DiALOG on tour events take place on July 9th in Spreitenbach (Switzerland), September 28th in Hamburg, October 27th in Munich and November 24th in Salzburg (Austria). For further information and to register free of charge, please visit

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