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DiALOG - Magazine for Enterprise Information Management: the 2016 issue is here!

(Böblingen) "EIM - Advancement through knowledge" is the title topic of the new issue of the DiALOG magazine for Enterprise Information Management. The 2016 issue of the magazine is a collection of items on current topics, best practice reports, trends and visions from users, experts and researchers in the subject of the company-wide use of Enterprise Information Management. All of the articles focus on TQG's strongly held belief that a structured, secure and networked use of data leads to lasting knowledge and activity management. Cornelia Geiselhart, one of the editors of the DiALOG magazine, said, "The name 'DiALOG' is both the intention and aim, to inform as competently and comprehensively as possible, to motivate and, above all, to build networks, so that you can recognize your next 'chess move of success' and profit from it."

"This issue also features reports in which people discuss themes that are important to us all, openly, engagingly and with a great deal of identification with the subject: performance and value culture," explains Steffen Schaar, Editor-in-Chief. "A compliance officer from a global company hit the nail on the head when he said in a presentation recently 'Competition is the motor of a successful company. Values and compliance are the motor oil required to stop the engine seizing up.' With that in mind, join us on a journey of discovery - we would be delighted if you recognize your responsibilities, meet the challenges in your team and are able to forever avoid mechanical problems in your company's operational machinery."

The fifth issue of the magazine will appear in print at the start of April 2016 and can be ordered, free of charge, by visiting

If you would rather not wait that long, then fear not, as the digital edition is available at Even if you're on the move, you can still access the publication: the Issuu app for Android, iOS or Windows allows mobile access to the DiALOG magazine at all times.

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