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Commentary: What really matters in digitization 2.0

A comment article by Steffen Schaar, published in the BCT Transfer journal.

It is well-known that change only happens when visions, ideas, spirit and actions have all happened, one after the other. Why do we make this path into some kind of art form with abbreviations such as 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0? It is high time we took a good look at the essentials.“I've had it up to here!" This, as well as other sayings, are used to express when somebody has had about as much of something that they can bare. I recently read about Digitization 2.0 - the abbreviation and numbers carousel seems to be merrily turning onwards. Anyone who can keep up has won! The only question is "What?". Or perhaps I can formulate it better as "What good does it do me?".We all talk about transformation and agility, but we also regularly catch ourselves looking away. We scan the floor, embarrassed, when the question is asked, "Who is getting any further?". Why is the paperless office still merely a vision for so many people? The little man in my ear whispered, "Because we are so used to working with paper". At the same time, we are hiding behind ever more new abbreviations. We really can't pin the blame on Generation Y or the Digital Natives. So we turn to a saying from Grandma's day: "Let's put our own house in order" – at last, now we’re speaking plainly!

The full comment article can be found in BCT Transfer 2016.

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