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"CIO of the year" - only the team counts!

A Business Christmas Story 2016 - The names and abbreviations used are purely fictitious - cheers!

The atmosphere in the headquarters of the world's largest logistics company is one of celebration. The boss, as well as the many elves and reindeer, are delighted to have successfully managed the company's busiest annual day, once again.

Through the large windows in the stable, the moon shines on the fresh hay. Today, to mark the occasion, the beloved red juice is flowing, which everyone looks forward to every year. Glasses are being clinked, emptied and refilled all round, as the CIO - "Christfest InTime Organisation" plan has been delivered in full, without a single hiccup.

The biggest innovation this year was the expansion of the stable, because good working conditions are important. As ever, a strong performance was provided by the proven resources: Rudi, with the red nose, and Sven are the elders. But the tone is also being set by the new ones: Hana, Smart'i, Fiori, Saas'i and many others. They very much wanted to prove themselves this year, but quickly realised that the change from old to new is never quite as smooth and simple as one might think.

The best-known and most experienced reindeer also shone through clear announcements, good planning and routines. But Rudi, the old swashbuckler, is standing a little way away from the herd, observing the "youthful reindeer clique", all of which have already, quite properly, quenched their thirst. He is angry with himself and his performance, wishing that this year they had not flown through the "Cloud". There, something unbelievable happened to the darling of all children: he ran into trouble with his, admittedly no longer quite the most up-to-date, IT - "iTransport-car" - and some parcels fell out. With a great of effort, a lot of heart and by utilising yesterday's old tricks, he saved the delivery and all of the customers were happy.

Somewhat saddened and even a little foggy thanks to the fragrant juice, he looks into the large group of animals, who are getting more and more into the festive mood. "Why didn't the new ones - they had named the old ones at the presentation of "GenerationWhat" - point out to him that his aging IT machine wasn't sufficiently secure for this modern route? The clique looks over at him as if to say, "Hey, old reindeer, things are different in the Cloud, there are other rules and more security and protection". It's all moving too fast for him. He shakes his head and takes a warming sip from the huge pot of the festive red grape drink. Above all, he loves the tried and tested, even though he rather feels that he will have no option other than to adapt to the new developments, such as the many terms and abbreviations that he had not recognised over the last year. All of a sudden, he feels a comforting feeling in his stomach. A "cheers!" can hardly be heard over the noise in the barn. A thick grape juice mist blows around him, carrying him away into a pleasurable dream.

... everything used to be so much easier: "Let's go, be on time, bring joy", the old man would yell at his old IT mobile and his motivation helped us to run as fast as we could. When they flew through the Cloud this year, they drove past massive boxes where the old man collected data about our goals, achievements and results in a small, handy device. "Digital hoofcuffs", he calls it, keeping a keen eye on the display. Today everything is measured, "Where, how fast, how long?" - no more time for a chat at the fireplace and a drink of the temptingly good grape juice together with the customers.

 Digitisation - what? Yes, they call that. "0 or 1", Rudi says through his three-day beard and then goes on to dream of the good old days. Punctuality or "bang the door to", the right gift from the order catalogue or "Could not read your writing, just draw a picture", and customer satisfaction or children with long faces and tears. And when it went wrong, there was IwT - "Information without Taboo". That's what we called our improvement discussions with the boss, in which we analysed the...

A thunderous applause abruptly ends his dream. "This year, once again, our number 1 is - according to all of the data recorded - Rudi!" the old man formally announces into the large group in the modern barn, swiftly taking a cup of festive red to calm his stage fright.

Everyone stares at the old reindeer. Now, it's not only his nose that is red! Last year - the reindeer blinks sleepily - they still had a bamboo line (bad Internet), but with the new platform and the new devices, everything is now technically possible. The jolly old man himself is holding the prize in his hand and speaking loudly and clearly, so that the young clique cannot help but pay attention to what he's saying: "The HCP - HumanCharacterPerformance - trophy goes to the one of us who, once again, has shown what kind of corporate culture we need in order to maintain long-term, sustainable, stable and respectful customer communications, using the innovations of today." He then looks over into the into the corner where the new ones are standing and mumbles softly in their direction: "Quality before quantity, guys"!

As he turns back to face Rudi again, whose nose is still at the centre of a big red head, he becomes even more determined and even louder than before: The boss continues, "Rudi, please continue to be a shining example to others. Your experience and your sense of responsibility demonstrate your commitment to delivery and our value code, your willingness to help and your superb HRM - Healthy Reindeer Mind." Rudi has the weighty medal placed around his neck. "You've already had one too many, my most faithful friend", says the old man, who then heads towards the exit, while he is applauded by all for his brave decisions for new devices and technologies. Rudi looks proudly and contentedly into the group, from whom he now feels a little bit of respect and recognition for his team performance. Rudi then falls immediately into a well-earned holiday sleep.

In this spirit, let us allow him to dream on and, like him, I hope you enjoy the festive free time! Refuel your energy and top up on ideas so that you can master the new challenges in your team and meet the requirements of our customers. Remain healthy and an important team member!

Your stable boy (... and one of the team)

Steffen Schaar

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