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businessApp platform News (Spring 2021)

On days like these...

Dear readersFor many years now, I have had the privilege of presenting my thoughts on current topics of everyday life, work in connection with IT and digitalization in this space. In doing so, I try to use simple words to interpret the worlds between IT and the opportunities of digital challenges with my experiences. Digitalization permeates our everyday life!As a digitalization partner, we are a company with IT & consulting expertise for our customers, users and partners. Cross-industry and globally as well as regionally active, from medium-sized businesses to global players. We have been running at full steam for months! That's a good thing, and yet: "Digitization needs people with heart, mind, passion and trust" is what I always say.The song that gives my editorial its title, "On days like these," ends with the lines "...we experience the best, because there's no end in sight." I am happy to take this message as an incentive and continue to sing in my mind: "... we as a team at TQG stand by your side and shape the future together". Because even with the digital challenges, there is no end in sight (for a long time yet)!Your Steffen SchaarMember of the BoardPS: Click here for the PDF version of the businessApp platform News

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