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beA: Seamless integration of the special electronic lawyer's mailbox in LCM

(Böblingen) The TQG businessApp platform® LCM integrates the personal beA mailbox for lawyers and in-house lawyers into filing and organisational processes for contracts, files, information and documents. Users can now use LCM to combine these benefits with the efficiency and processes of their organisation.

LCM & beA - particularly easy usability

• one-time technical installation, with a client certificate issued by BRAK

• every lawyer logs on to the system once with his or her beA card ID

• direct use of your own beA in LCM with direct filing & forwarding of emails to files, contracts, clients, partners, etc.

LCM becomes the message centre: simple and secure!

With the LCM beA addon, LCM users can access their beA mailbox directly within a file and store messages under LCM, in their entirety and in a tamper-proof way. The personal key (for example, a beA card) of the user is required for authentication in the beA mailbox. This is protected by another PIN or password. Within the beA mailbox, lawyers can select their messages via simple operating procedures and store them, including all attachments, under LCM, for archiving or further processing.

LCM supports all important communication and filing processes with considerable engagement and efficiency. As illustrated, this includes the path out of the beA mailbox to the LCM system, as well as the creation of new messages directly from the file or contract. LCM documents can be easily inserted directly into new beA messages.

The background of beA - the special electronic lawyer's mailbox

The "special electronic lawyer's mailbox" (beA) is used to support and handle all communication between courts, authorities and lawyers. The new communication platform replaces the previous "Electronic Court and Administrative Mailbox" (EGVP), which has, until now, provided communication access to courts in Germany (but only to a limited extent) by electronic means.

As of 1st January 2018, lawyers are obliged to have a beA mail account (or, in the case of several mandates, several) and to be able to receive messages through them. In-house corporate lawyers/syndicate lawyers will be subject to the new storage requirements for messages and information, in accordance with legal and company-specific guidelines. This can provide a secure and structured (researchable) filing facility in the legal department by means of electronic file management, of the highest standard.

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