go!LCM Records

The easiest way to organize your records!

The full LCM product power in packages designed for small businesses.

go!LCM - Packages for SME

With the go!LCM packages you will have our collected product array in one optimized and practical package with the modules defined for your applications.

With these packages – designed for small and medium enterprises – you will have a tailored solution oriented toward your requirements, for a standardized and efficient implementation and fast ROI.

Increasing requirements? Additional departments? No problem!
Due to expansion modules for the LCM businessApp platform go!LCM will grow along with your needs. All modules of the established, standard solution can be subsequently licensed and implemented.

go!LCM Records

Record management with modern workflows to ensure simple processing of documents with just one mouse click in and out of Microsoft Office/Outlook or Lotus Notes. Suitable for legal departments and law offices, the packet includes an integrated document management and complete record management system. Simple and reliable!

And if you want more – enhance go!LCM – Records with additional modules from the comprehensive LCM businessApp platform including specific modules for  Contract Management, Compliance, Business Process Management or Business Intelligence.

The go!LCM – Records package contains

  • Records Management
  • WorkFlow
  • Office/Lotus PlugIn
  • DMS
  • 5 User

Our installation service and consulting is standardized. We operate according to methods which will assure your future success through our services which are supplied according to the principle of "InQuality, InTime, InBudget". Ask our team of experts about planned support services according to your requirements, because "your benefit – is our motivation!"

Expansion modules from the LCM businessApp platform

  • LCM Contract Management, LCM Business Process Management, LCM Compliance
  • LCM Reporting
  • LCM Integration Engine (SAP, ERP, etc.)

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