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eRecord - in the future you’ll be able to find every file again!

Modern file management allows the systematic electronic storage and display of all business processes related to contract management. This product refines supported workflows and uses BI – Business Intelligence – combined with our File Management in a simple and elegant manner. Both documents and other written evidence on a matter or specific topic are combined and saved in a structured manner for future research or recall. This combining has been recognized as a valuable tool in professional handling of business events as an outcome of professional task distribution. Both standardized and individualized file types can be set up and in principle can be used across inter-departmental boundaries.



The advantages of integrated file management are self-evident!

  • Display of any particular file type (e.g. procedural or process-related)
  • Storage organization by using a filing plan
  • Responsibilities and authorities within a file (e.g. internal author, involved persons)
  • Schedule management with follow-up folders
  • Comments area for providing secondary text information
  • File history (assignment of several documents, contracts, contacts to a file)
  • eFiles –important file information in one document for on-the-go or for a meeting

Process Support from A to Z

Records management is timeless! Electronic saving and processing of old (earlier) documents, contracts, file folders and stacks of paper for consistent information processes is a necessity today for modern companies. But just putting this off will mean: Risks and uncertainty and unforeseen costs in case of a dispute.

Records Management offers a pioneering and safe investment for your many files. It does not matter whether they are special file types or electronic files – called eRecords – you can be protected against the risk of:

  • Document loss
  • Schedule delays
  • Violations of compliance
  • Failure to comply with contract terms
  • Or record loss.

Modern input processes for integration of filed documents and fast and simple search functions will ensure that you have effective procedures and absolute transparency.

Your records management will no longer be a question of luck!

Records Management

You can configure your own individual interaction with Records Management, from scanning of documents down to “OneClick” printout of eRecords in one document (offline records). For efficient usage we offer the following functionalities:

  • Scanning of documents with OCR (optical character recognition)
  • Integrated preview of documents without first having to open them
  • “EasySearch” function: Search just like Google across all document content
  • All kinds and types of files
  • Printout of the complete record in one document for the negotiation or meeting

The individual product components are:

  • Definition of record types (kinds),
  • Multi-step record plan (inter-departmental filing guidelines for the organization)
  • Relationship management with assignment structure (primary, secondary, subsidiary files)
  • Record/document tracking with standardized templates and responsibilities
  • Document management
  • Schedule/follow-up management with Office/Notes Integration
  • Vita (Lifecycle Management of a record)
  • Direct transfer to contract management
  • Correction/release management

Records management is a standardized module from the TQG businessApp platform LCM and has a lot of space for tailored solution approaches for your current requirements within the organization. Inter-departmental scope!

Whether within the legal department, purchasing, finance and accounting. Wherever information is to be retained in the form of documents, minutes or discussions alongside or after contracts or decisions, the LCM Records Management offers the right response – quickly, easily and individualized!

Types of records

In every department there are typical types of records that are gaining in company value, because on the one hand to standardize processes, but on the other hand bring the specific processes and information competitive advantages. This also applies to the administrative divisions. Transparency and sustainability are the pacesetters of the future - especially in the office floors. The aim is to keep on record specific information with responsible roles and secured in the context of time to organize and monitor. Short: "Document - People - Time - Information" are holistically structured in LCM and provided as prefabricated building blocks (extract from types of records):

Contract Record

image contract record

In a digital contract record the complete contract lifecycle is displayed: from the tender, the bid evaluation, negotiation, review and signature on the contract, the contract management and contract controlling through to contract extension or archiving.

In addition, all important contract information such as contractor, responsibilities and clauses, as well as follow-ups, reminders, and deadlines are bundled in the contract record.

Bid-Proposal Record

image Bid-Proposal Record

A bid/proposal project can be configured in the LCM bid-proposal file with all necessary components: Beginning from the record set-up (with industry-specific adjustments), classification of needs, information about suppliers (contacts), the individual template-components for supplier inquiries, assessment of applicant entries through evaluation – all elements are implemented in one single process. Everything in one application – without double data entry through complete integration into an ERP-system with user-friendly operation and using standardized technology for data storage. At the same time, the bid-proposal process is still individualized and supported with an on-time and controlled process tracking, so that compliance conformity of your company can be assured on a consistent and transparent basis.

Legal Entity Record (Shareholding Management)

image Legal Entity Record (Shareholding Management)

Shareholder relationships can be easily and conveniently administered within the Legal Entity Record. Whether we are dealing with an equity capital corporation, share ownership, committees, associated contracts and documents, including any threshold values or conditions and schedules - all information in one file offers transparency and clear relationships - quickly and reliably! For corporate meetings it is possible to prepare standardized reports or individual assessments by using the associated process workflows.

Personnel Record

image Personnel Record

As a supplement to personnel information in the accounting system or determination of work hours, with the Personnel Record Module inter-departmental documents and processes can be managed for one employee. Through linkage with the master personnel data in ERP or PIS (personal information system) the Personnel Record close the gap between documents and master personnel data in the existing systems



Civil Litigation Record

image Civil Litigation Record

The Civil Litigation Record bundles proven file administration from contract signing down to the final ruling. All relevant steps, schedules, notices, remarks and rulings are combined in a concise manner. Thus you will have all documents readily to hand and with one mouse click and one document (eRecord) you can get ready for the scheduled court date.

Trademark Record

image Trademark Record

Trademark Record manages the company-wide or group-wide administration and monitoring of trademark law. With Trademark Record the entire trademark registration process can be monitored. Taken into consideration are the fundamental data of the registration forms as well as the archiving and management of the form itself. Particularly the application and the approval can be process controlled and monitored according to standards.

eRecord: all the important record information in one document!

You can satisfy the demand for comprehensive structuring of your information, connected with easy access to your information at any time, by using the eRecords, offline-records or WebRecords – again a modern and up-to-date approach! All this is based on a very simple background process – having available the collected information on one process at every workstation and location. The “hiding game” will be at an end!

For the user this means: "Input of a search term and right away you’ll have all information right at hand – no matter where or when, and with no loss of time!"

eRecord bundles all known records and processes within the organization and retrieval of documents with the requirement to be able to retrieve all information at any time and everywhere. Within this process the user can execute all important processes in one user dialog and thus can manipulate the entire volume of correspondence, schedules and documents. All data will be made available online. The highest level of data security and integrity are assured through a multi-stage access control and verification rules.

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