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With our "smartLCM Contract Management" you too can benefit from one of the leading software for contract management!

Your contract management is thus optimally positioned for the future, can develop optimally with your potentials in line with your compliance requirements and company processes and ensures your business success in the long term.

smartLCM contract management has been the leading internet-based software in contract and file management for more than 20 years. A powerful solution for your measurable success and the basis for transparent and secure information processes.

✓ web-based ✓ technologically future-oriented ✓ easy to use

Contract Lifecycle

Optimal management of contracts, contract objects, contract partners and contract terms

LCM Contract Management facilitates the compilation and management of contracts and their terms and conditions and de-pendencies between contracts or other documents (e.g. master contract vs. individual contract vs. addendum vs. general terms and conditions of business, etc.). Contract relationships (Intercompany – contracts) can easily be defined and monitored.Furthermore, facilitates the compilation and management of contract partners, including their internal employees and functionaries, as well as their allocation to and responsibilities for particular contracts. Contract partner relationships (general management, etc.) can easily be defined and monitored.

LCM Contract Management covers the entire contract lifecycle from creation, documentation, monitoring, accountability, risk assessment to archiving. It provides for simple generation, storing, researching and evaluation of contracts. Depending on the contract type individual process steps and activities for compliance, monitoring and hedging of the contract process can be used.

  • Contract creation
  • Approval workflow
  • Contract file
  • Contract controlling
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Clause management
  • Compliance check

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