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(Böblingen) "Ausreden gibt’s nicht – jetzt packen wir die Digitalisierung an." Aber wie geht das konkret? Was muss ich beachten? Welche Risiken und...

So wie immer, aber anders

Eine Business-Christmas-Story 2020
Namen und Abkürzungen sind rein zufällig gewählt – Prost! Die Situation: Wenige Tage vor der großen Lieferung ist es...

Legomodell programmiert mit BPM

Ein so betitelter Post in den sozialen Medien. Ich wurde neugierig: wie war das denn gemeint? Kurze Zeit später war mir klar, die Gedanken möchte ich...

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Do you find digitization as exciting as we do? Which topics do you need to keep in mind? What do you need to keep in mind? Which events are worthwhile?let's find out together! Quarterly with our businessApp platform News, we'll keep an overview together and get fit for the digital future!

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Some like readable reading, others want a visual presentation of technical facts. Our media library offers you a wide range of information on our digital platform, inspiring digitalization lectures e.g. contract management, LegalTech and company information. Our videos show you short, crisp visualizations that help you to understand us and our work even better.

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"Now I have the overview in the digitalization jungle!"

We have dared again! Our popular acronym dictionary is now in its fourth round! And there is a printed paper work in front of you - despite the digital transformation that we are all committed to. Why paper and not an app? Because we dare. Because despite digitization and speed, some things - good things - can and may have stock. We want to keep the reference book on the desk. We are sticking to our educational offensive to support the digital transformation of society and people.

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