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Newsletter 9/2016

"In the look": TQG's new clothes
The anniversary corks haven’t quite all been picked up yet, the joy of achievements hasn’t completely disappeared in the first mists of autumn, but we don’t want to withhold TQG’s new „autumn fashion“ from you. Because, while some people are still pondering digitization and its consequences or giving three cheers for the good old days, we have already set off on our journey to help shape the digital transformation.

To read how we went about it check out our latest newsletter issue 9/2016.

Also in this issue:
• IT & Business: TQG present the germ cell of your success
• DiALOG on tour: look forward to three interesting events this fall!
• TQG-LTS: successful certification in the UK

We wish you an interesting read and an enjoyable fall!

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