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Newsletter 6/2016

"Can you use email and the Internet?": The digital transformation in everyday life!
"What a question?! Take a moment, breathe deeply and don‘t act arrogant in any way. My grandma always said, „Boy, there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.“ What can possibly I say without offending the person opposite me? At first I thought, „Surely that doesn‘t still exist today?“ We‘re talking about Industry 4.0 and there are still more than 40% of people that the digital transformation hasn‘t even come close to reaching!"  

To read how Steffen Schaar answered this question check out our latest newsletter issue 6/2016. Also in this issue:

  • DiALOG Trade Forum delights visitors and partners
  • Syndikus Summit: Emphasis on responsibility and compliance
  • LCM UserGroup: Very clearly personal.

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