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Newsletter 3/2016

∑ (Speed + Digitalization) = Irresponsibility?
"Springtime, CeBIT time! For over 20 years now (that's more than four IT generations!), the high-speed train of changing (IT) media has been racing through the living room of society", writes Steffen Schaar, Member of the Boad of The Quality Group, in his editorial. "Punctually, along with the start of this year's battle for renewal and the one-time motto "the focus on the person", the German Chancellor has warned about increased speed on the path to digital transition. For a brief moment, the word got stuck in my throat - and for anyone who knows me, they will know that is a rare thing."

To read how Mr Schaar finds his words and what his take on digital transformation is - check out our latest newsletter issue 3/2016. Also in this issue:

  • Preview: DiALOG 2016 - Forum for EIM on April 28/29 in Dresden
  • Review: DiALOG on tour, In-house Lawyers Congress, ICE 2016
  • New release: LCM - Smart evolution

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