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businessApp platform News (Summer 2022)

Where are you...?

Dear readers,

almost five years ago, when I quoted Mr. Grube, during his time on the DB Board of Management, in this column with the words: "We must no longer think and act in terms of responsibilities, but in terms of responsibilities," I perhaps thought a little naively that if problems are transparent, there will always be people who will put themselves at the service of the cause and not only lend a hand, but also put on the "famous hat". The years went by, and digitization didn't really take off in Germany. Where others perceive the changes in the ICE, we travel through the country in the regional train, driven from one occasion to another. Sometimes we are late, sometimes the next switch is stuck because there is no budget.

In this issue of our newsletter, you can read about how I think we might still be able to get on the right track and what all this has to do with taking responsibility, along with other exciting topics.

I hope you enjoy reading it!

Yours, Steffen Schaar
Member of the Board

PS: Click here for the PDF-Version of our businessApp platform News (in German!)

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