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Review DiALOG on tour in Munich: Business Process Management (BPM) as the basis for successful business

"Take it easy, Think BPM!" - under this motto, The Quality Group invited guests to the Allianz Arena in Mu-nich for the 12th DiALOG on tour. In an impressive setting, with a superb view of the football pitch, experts from law, compliance, IT and consulting gave presentations on various aspects of Business Process Man-agement (BPM).

In the first lecture, "Easing the burden on the Legal Department by Risk-Orientated Resource Use", Walther Schmidt-Lademann, from law firm W. Schmidt-Lademann, postulated that the workload and equipment of the legal departments forced them not only to become more efficient - to do things factually and practically correctly - but also to work in a more effective manner. According to Mr Schmidt-Lademann, this can only be done by systematising the tasks and, above all, the processes in the legal department.

Dr Alexander Deicke, Managing Director of K11 Consulting GmbH, highlighted another aspect of successful business processes in his lecture "BPM & Compliance in the sense of Enterprise Information Management": the successful implementation of compliance in the company by means of clear rules and information, train-ing and controlling processes. It is only through clearly structured and comprehensible processes that it is possible to anchor the awareness of compliance in the minds and in the actions of the employees in a truly sustainable manner and to ensure acceptance.

A look behind the scenes of the Allianz Arena, including a visit to the cabins and seats on the trainer's bench of FC Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti, provided fascinating insights into Europe's most beautiful stadium, also, in line with the theme, underscoring that it is only thanks to clear workflows that over 3000 employees are able to work efficiently and smoothly on a match day.

"Business Process Management: Compliance-Safe Action" was the title of the presentation given by Nils Scharifi, compliance expert at The Quality Group, who highlighted various practical approaches from BPM that support compliance management. In doing so, he not only discussed the tension triangle of compliance, but also made clear by means of practical examples how clearly defined responsibilities and authorisations can be used to ensure process security, obligations and transparency.

The round table workshop "Legal Pursuit" provided a practical conclusion in which the participants discussed concerns, challenges, benefits and potentials in contract and process management. Steffen Schaar, who facilitated the event, summed up the discussion and also the quintessence of the previous lectures by saying, "People must always be the central focus. Without the employees, no contract management, no compliance management or any other project can be successful: listen to the worries, opinions and experiences of your employees - as that way, you will also be able to successfully manage and live business processes!"

In the final networking session, the participants from the various sectors and specialist departments took the opportunity to exchange views and experiences with their colleagues.

Take it easy. Think BPM! (Kopie 1)

Am 27. Oktober 2016 laden wir Sie zum DiALOG on tour in der Allianz Arena München ein.

Auf der Veranstaltung zeigen wir Ihnen zusammen mit unserem Partner K11 Consulting GmbH praxisorientiert auf, wie Sie mit Business Process Management (BPM) Ihre Unternehmensprozesse transparent nachvollziehbar und nachhaltig strukturiert gestalten können, um Ihren unternehmerischen Erfolg sicherzustellen. Außerdem bietet der ungezwungene Rahmen die Chance zum ehrlichen Meinungs- und Erfahrungsaustausch mit Experten und Anwendern.

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