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Review of DiALOG on tour in Salzburg: It's all about communication!

"It's all about communication!" - this was the conclusion of the thirteenth DiALOG on tour, which took place on 24th November in the impressive Hangar-7 in Salzburg. Suitably for the venue, the networking seminar was held under the motto of "Contract Management & Compliance - Your Power Wings for Company Success", offering insights into everyday practical experiences in numerous lectures.

In his introduction, Steffen Schaar, a member of the management of The Quality Group, explained that successful digitisation within a company depends on factors such as strategy, business processes and compliance, but also that the most important factor is communication among employees and colleagues.

This was confirmed by Dr Alexander Deicke, Managing Director of K11 Consulting GmbH, who regarded communication as the main aspect of successful compliance within a company. Based on practical examples, he clarified that while it is good for a company's external image if it has a well-developed set of rules, this is not enough for the truly sustainable anchorage of those rules within the company. In fact, in order to fully anchor processes, employees require training and, above all, to actively observe the rules on a daily basis.

The contract management project from AFS Aviation Fuel Services GmbH, presented by Nils Scharifi, Account Manager at The Quality Group, showed an excellent example of how this can be successfully achieved. According to Scharifi, it is very important to define the requirements and expectations of such a project by means of open communication between all of the departments involved, and then to implement them by acting responsibly: "Not acting through competencies, but through responsibilities - that is what matters!"

The guided tour given by the retired pilot Starkmut Höntzsch, who had a fascinating insight into Hangar-7 and Hangar-8, the home of the Flying Bulls, offered a fascinating look behind the scenes. Participants learned that successful aviation also depends on clear communication between pilot, technician and navigator - both in the past and today.

In his lecture, Stefan Schiller, a compliance expert at The Quality Group, explored "Business Process Management (BPM) as Part of Compliance". Clearly defined processes and responsibilities can be achieved through a BPM system and anchored in the company, creating more transparency and clarity about compliance rules. But it is also important for people to carry these changes into the company, to live them and anchor them - and this can only be done, according to Schiller, by means of example, explanation and discussing matters together.

The theme of talking and discussing together was also at the centre of "Legal Pursuit" - a communicative game, where the participants discussed and exchanged their experiences in the areas of contract management and compliance.

"The successful concept of the DiALOG on tour event series will continue in the coming year", said Steffen Schaar in his farewell address. "I would like to invite you to our events on 22nd February in Frankfurt, 28th June in Böblingen, 27th September in Düsseldorf, 24th October in Munich and 29th November in Vienna."

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