Keeping pace thanks to
reliable partners

To maintain lasting customer satisfaction, we actively
shape our partnerships with constant exchange.


The quality of long-term and consistent partnerships is viewed by us as a scale for measuring our motivation for continual improving of our portfolio and for enhancing customer satisfaction. We will be happy to introduce to you our strategic and technical partners.

We link our strategic partnerships with services relating to processes and solutions in the administrative departments and technical departments, in accordance with Enterprise Information Management. Our approach: "structured, transparent, concise." We will be happy to consult with you and can offer a "full-service product."

We manage our technical partnerships with the goal of continual know-how development of systems, infrastructure, technology, software and hardware. With respect to hosting, cloud computing, SaaS – Software As A Service – or sharepoint, we are always in contact with our partners by providing solutions, consultation and coordination.

Consenso Consulting GmbH
mama-solutions GmbH
Mentana-Claimsoft GmbH
PD Partner GmbH
SIAB Business Solutions GmbH
VOI e.V.
HTWG Konstanz
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