EIM - Deutsch, Deutsch - EIM
EIM - German.
German - EIM.

To help you survive in the “acronym jungle”,
we have published the third edition of the popular
dictionary for Enterprise Information Management.

Dictionary EIM - German, German - EIM

Publishing the third edition of the popular acronym dictionary, "EIM - German, German - EIM" has grown from a nice idea into a "training offensive" to accompany the digital transition of society and people. It is very certainly "on trend" for every fashion-conscious person to have this little book in their briefcase at all times or to have it within reach on the table during upcoming discussions. The motivating results and the ever-growing number of new abbreviations have, once again, inspired us to structure the new version in modern categories, over a total of almost 400 pages.

EIM, say the experts, grew out of ECM and BI. If you wish to make a case for that in the field of ERP, EAI, DMS and you invest in new systems with ROI and TCO on the basis of BPMN, while basing that decision on KPI and KVP, then... are you keeping up? This clever acronym guide knows exactly what's going on. It has its finger right on the pulse and counters arguments such as, "I can look that up quickly on my iPad (or MHA - Modern Hand Axe), easy." Which, of course, is true, as long as one is not a DI (digital immigrant), but rather a member of GEN Y, also known as a "millennial".

For those DIs, who (happily) are still in the majority, we have decided to "translate" even more acronyms into German. Even these people have the right to information! Easily readable, personable and, above all, understandable! Our hope is that this publication will contribute to bringing clarity and a communicative culture back into the world of business.

Your acronyms fan

Steffen Schaar
Chairman Fanclub "Funny Acronym Guessing"

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